Top List affiliate marketing websites

Top List affiliate marketing websites

In the present era, with the advancement in the information technology the affiliate marketing business is rapidly growing. Most of the affiliate markets have all kind of stuff with good quality. You can buy anything that you need from this platform and can become an affiliate marketer to sell a product.

Before buying a thing all of us wants to know each and everything about that product. The most important things that we want to know is the functions, quality, and price of the product. One more question that arises in an affiliate marketer’s mind is the demand of the product among the masses.

We used to have confusion and some questions in mind before buying a product or selecting a product to sell. Whether one should buy it or not? Which one is perfect in terms of quality? Will people love to buy this product? You can get the answers to all your questions from the affiliate marketing website. These websites provide you all the details of the product and also provides you the reviews on the product.

25-top list affiliate marketing websites

There are various affiliate marketing websites are available but to choose the right one to start your career as an affiliate marketer is a tough decision. Therefore, to make it easy for you here is a list of top 25 affiliate marketing websites.


Nerdwallet is one of the most famous websites among affiliate marketers. It was developed in 2009 on a small level as a credit card review and comparison site.

With the passage of time this affiliate marketing website become huge review site for the financial products. It covers credit cards, investments, insurance, and mortgages.


The basic objective of the Nerdwallet affiliate marketing website is to provide help and assistance to the general public to select the best insurance, credit cards, and loans and other such things. This website does not sell its own services or products.

In this competitive industry, Nerdwallet made its name one of the most successful affiliates marketing website. The Nerwallet has traffic of around 17.4 million per month.



  • Quality content
  • Heavy traffic
  • MoneySaving Expert


  • Transparent and authentic information
  • Good quality content
  • Help the customers to save the money


MoneySaving Expert is a successful affiliate marketing website dealing with financial issue. This website is one of the biggest consumer websites in the UK with the traffic of more than 30 million.

The basic goal of this website is to educate the masses on the financial issues and help them to save the money. This website was developed by a finance journalist named Martin with only 100 Euros and after a few years, he has a team of more than 90 professional and experienced financial specialists, editors and journalists.

  • Wirecutter

The wirecutter website is a popular affiliate marketing for users of electronic products or gadgets. This site was designed by Brian Lam, a former editorial director of a famous electronic website named Gizmodo.

This website not only provides reviews of the experts on an electronic device but it also catered its visitors by DIY, money, appliances, travel, and gardening. This website has become one of the top online affiliate websites among the 6,000 sites and it was praised due to its quality work by the New York Times.


  • Provide authentic review after testing the device
  • Guide people to select or buy the best quality product
  • Huge traffic
  • Dating Advice

The dating niche is also becoming famous on the internet. It is also a fact that all the dating websites are not authentic and spam users. But you do not need to worry as we find an authentic and famous dating website called Dating Advice.

You can get the expert advice and they will help you genuinely by answering your questions, quality blogs, and forums, on the devious issues of dating. They also suggest you the dating spots and that is their one of the sources of income too.  


  • Gives you the best advice
  • An authentic website
  • Helps you to save your relation
  • PC Part Picker:

Before becoming a successful affiliate marketing website, The PC Part Picker was started as a hobby and was shared on the Reddit only. This website is totally based on PCs and other computer accessories as its name suggested.

As with the advancement in technology on a daily basis, a new and advanced product is launched in the market. The PC Part Picker finds out the latest version of the products and then analyzes it according to the need, benefits, and demands of the buyer.

This website is very smooth and user-friendly. At the initial age, they just posted the blogs and now they have around 12.4 million visitors per month and they are also updating the people about their charity work projects in Africa.


  • User-friendly
  • Helps to design your own computer
  • Tells about the latest technology and experts view.
  • (Infusion soft vs Ontraport):

This affiliate marketing website is unique in terms of the budget. This website is designed with less budget and has only 7 pages but it does not affect its performance. It is one of the productive affiliate marketing websites.

This website was designed to compare the Infusion soft and Ontraport. Em worked very cleverly and select the most wanted products in their niche and compare them to help the people as they know that people are confused to take a decision in selecting the right automation tool or product.


  • High-quality product reviews
  • Guide the visitors


  • Limited material
  • Picks the expensive products
  • This is why I’m Broke

This is why I’m Broke is one of the first affiliate websites that have novelty items with aggregation. This site does this best as compared to others. If you are searching for the most unusual, useless or bizarre products that nobody will even consider to buy then This is Why I’m Broke is the best site.

They do internet browsing and find the most crap and strange thing that can appeal to the persons and can make them happy and pounces on consumer trends something like lycanthrope. 


  • Interesting content
  • Direct source viewers
  • Well written content


  • Less content
  • Not using social media platforms effectively to increase traffic.
  • Making sense of Cents

Making sense of Cents is a financial affiliate marketing website. The best part is that Michelle writes all the blogs based on her own experiences and knowledge.  In 2012, she was graduated from the university with the student loan debt worth $38,000. This debt later becomes the base of Making sense of Cents.

The basic objective of this website is to help the readers to deal with their financial debts and to give them the right advice to save money and to manage their budget.

Her blogs are very famous among the family-oriented people that like to save money and wants to get free stuff.


  • Helping people to deal with their loan debt
  • Quality content
  • Blogs based on the experiences and knowledge
  • The Points Guy

You want to go on a trip or you traveled a lot. You want to make your travel cheapest then this affiliate marketing website is there to help you out. The Point Guy is a successful affiliate marketing website that deals with credit cards and travel.

They tell you about the travel companies offer that can make your travel expenses less so that you can go anywhere at cheap prices. This website is very popular among the masses as their motto is to help the people to do something very special at the cheapest price.


  • Inform you about the credit card to earn more travel rewards.
  • Heavy traffic
  • Extremely competitive niche.
  • Just a Girl And her Blog:

Just a Girl and Her Blog is an affiliate marketing website favorite and popular, especially among girls and women. This does not confirm whether this blog is running by only one girl named Abby or she has a whole team.

This website contains the blogs on different topics most of these are based on the DIY, organizations, decoration, and crafts. This website is the best example for beginners. It has a straightforward homepage, and also offers you different free resource for your DIY project. The basic source of earning for this website is through many ways but the basic source is the promotion of the products available on the Amazon.


  • Heavy traffic
  • Easy DIY ideas
  • User-friendly designed especially for the girls
  • Headphones Addict

The Headphones Addict is an affiliate marketing website that only deals with headphones. To make this site user-friendly the information is categorized in the budget, wireless, sports and so on.

This website was designed by the 3 friends who were absolutely in love with the headphones. One feature that makes this site different from others is that they not only publish the blogs but also publish the news stories.

This affiliate marketing website makes money by writing the reviews but the best of this site is that they tried to show the true picture in their reviews of the product to guide the general public. They give importance to the people not to their revenue.


  • Honest view
  • Heavy traffic
  • Friendly user


  • Not using social media platforms
  • Content with fewer images
  • Skyscanner
  • Whenever you heard the name of the Skyscanner you must be thinking that it is a traveling company. You are right but the fact that you do not know is that it is an affiliate marketing website. Yes, you read it right, it is an affiliate marketing website. It pays the commission to bring the traffic of different airlines to their site.
  • It is a success story of affiliate marketing. It was starting back in 2001 by 3 friends to help travelers and tourists to find cheap flight tickets. Now it becomes one of the largest travel companies in China by helping around 80 million users per month and around 450 million people visit their site.
  • Pros
  • Well-known brand with heavy traffic
  • Flight search available in almost 30 languages
  • Provides its services in more than 50 countries
  • Cons
  • The commission rate of the Skyscanner affiliate marketers varies from state to state.
  • Not available for websites that have limited traffic or have fewer visitors
  • Safewise

If you are concerned about your home safety and looking for a website related to this SafeWise is the best option. This site considered itself a professional review site and it deals only with the Home Security Systems.

This affiliate site has dealings with the companies of home security and also connected with the brands. They review all the security products and provide all the details for you to select the best thing for your home security in terms of quality, design, and price.


  • Quality content
  • Heavy traffic


  • No interaction with the followers
  • Dog Food Advisor

If you love the dogs and you have a pet dog and you are worried about their food now no need to worry. Dog Food Advisor is an affiliate marketing website that answers your all questions regarding the dog’s food.

When you will open the site the first impression of yours could be surprising and you may think that you are viewing a site of back days of 2004. In terms of the design, this website is very low but in terms of quality content, it is the best option for you. It provides you all the details and will give guidance about what to feed your four-legged friend.

You can understand its content quality by the fact that it has almost 146,000 different keywords. It also has heavy traffic with 500,000 visitors per month. This site also confirms that Google doesn’t give importance to the fancy or catchy designs for them the only thing that matters is the content.


  • Answers all the questions
  • Excellent content quality


  • Not well-designed website
  • The Military Wallet:

The Military Wallet is a personal finance website. It is different from other affiliate marketing websites in terms of niche. The major target audience of this website is military veterans.

The owner of this site is a military veteran and understands their problems well. Thus, this site helps and assists the military veteran and their families to make better financial decisions after the retirement or after leaving the services.

This site gives the tips on money-saving, information related to tax, the ways they can earn some money, and many other legal issues related to the veteran. The best part of this site that is also a source of traffic on it, is the quality content.


  • Quality content
  • Provide legal assistance to the military veterans


  • The homepage is not attractive
  • The Minimalist Baker
  • You are a food lover like me and love to eat different delicious cuisines and want to learn the recipes of mouthwatering dishes The Minimalist Bakar is the best site for you. It is one of my personal favorites.
  • John and her husband Dana first started to write blogs in the year 2012. These blogs now turned into a community of an affiliate marketing website with the traffic of 4 million visitors per month.
  • Their blogs have quality content and are decorated with beautiful images. The content not only based on the recipes it also provides you healthy tips to stay fit.
  • Pros:
  • Quality content
  • Heavy traffic
  • Cons:
  • Lots of Google ad units
  • EveryDayCarry:
  • Whenever we go outside the house we carry something with us. It can be a bag, a wallet, a watch or anything. This EveryDAyCarry is an affiliate marketing website that deals with all these things.
  • It sounds a bit weird to see how people carrying a thing and what they are carrying when they are going outside. This type breaks the stereotypes as with each passing day this site is becoming bigger and bigger. It has around 1.4 million direct traffic per month.  
  • This site provides you the buyer guide and reviews on different types of bags, pouches and other that that normally people carry while traveling like flashlights, wristwatches, wallets, scissors, and knives etc. one more amazing feature of this site is that when you click on a product it also shows you the statistics of how many people already brought that specific product.
  • Pros:
  • Well-rounded content
  • Guide you what’s the perfect thing to buy
  • Use best marketing techniques 
  • Shut Up and Sit Down
  • The Shut Up and Sit Down is an affiliate marketing website and it is different from the rest of the website. This website gives the review not on the games but on the board games.
  •  Yes, you read it right. They give reviews on the board games and it is combined with a Twitch channel. One more strength of this affiliate website is their extremely huge audience of YouTube.
  • Their basic motive is to challenge and motive the masses to play those games. The best part of this is that they love their work and play bored games in a fun way.
  • Pros:
  • Content engaged that audience
  • Short reviews with relevant data
  • Website Setup:
  • You will find the various website with the web hosting niche online. There is a huge competition among the sites on the content. But the best affiliate marketing website with the web hosting niche is Website Setup.
  • This site is designed by Robert Mening. The feature that makes this site a top site is that it provides detailed content on all the topic whether it’s about web hosting or any blogging tips.
  • It also has a list of the top bloggers that are famous for their authenticity. They also claimed that they guided and helped the more than 300,000 people to start their own sites on the platform of the BlueHost.
  • Pros:
  • Authentic information
  • Heavy traffic
  • Guiding the beginners
  • Cons:
  • Blogs are not available in an organized way
  • Consumer Search:
  • The consumer search is an affiliate market website that provides a platform for normal people to find the best and reliable products. They facilitate their consumers by providing them the authentic information.
  • They give reviews on all types of products and place them in different categories. You can find anything and an authentic review of that product from this platform. It will help you to buy the best thing within your budget.
  • They are earning a huge amount as they are connected with the Amazon Associates and get the commission from there.
  • Pros:
  • Variety of the content
  • Authentic and reliable reviews
  • Covers various products
  • Cons:
  • Short titles of the reviews
  • Social media presence is minor
  • Lucie’s List

The Lucie’s List is an affiliate website helping pregnant ladies. It is good to see that now you can see a vast variety of the topic on which affiliate marketing sites are designed and developed.

Meg Collins design this site after experiencing a pregnancy with her daughter Lucie, she was not prepared for this. She made some mistakes and suffered from the pains.

The site contains the content to help the ladies to take precautionary measures to avoid pains and other complications during the pregnancy. It also has blogged on new babies besides the pregnancy.

In a very short time, she has huge traffic on her website as she is dealing with the email subscribers around 430,000 and 240,000 direct visitors visit her site Amazon FBA.Training


  • Give tips to have a smooth pregnancy
  • Clever content selection
  • Quality content
  • Snapsort
  • If you love to do photography and you are thinking to buy a camera but you do not know its proper use then this snapsort affiliate marketing website is here to help you out.
  • This site is a data-driven site for the people who are enthusiastic to do photography. The basic objective of this website is to help you out to find a perfect and best camera keeping in mind your budget.
  • On their site, there is an option titled “Discover a digital camera”. According to me, this feature is the best feature of the whole website. From here anyone can select the type of digital camera they want, then select your budget and hit the ‘Go’.
  • Yes, it is very easy only required 3 clicks. You do not need to read the reviews or search for the best on different sites. This site has all the details and ready to help you.
  • Pros:
  • User-friendly
  • Quality content
  • A detailed description of the cameras
  • This affiliate marketing website is specially designed to empower the males and to help them to raise their children in a great way and have fun-filled and more successful lives.
  • This website is designed like a front page of a magazine. They attract the audience through the catchily titled blogs with the niche of parenting for millennial men.
  • This site also gives advice to the fathers to build a friendly relationship with the kids and also guides them on how they can fulfill the needs and demands of the kids in a positive and protective way.
  • Pros:
  • Quality content
  • Highlight important issues of father and children
  • Guides to develop a friendly relationship between the father and the kids.
  • Who is Hosting This?
  • You are developing a new website and worried about the perfect host company for your website, the affiliate marketing website titled Who is Hosting This? Is there to provide you a solution to your problem.
  • Richard Kershaw founded this website and it feels and looks like an actual hosting company itself. It provides you a detailed and essential content to find a perfect web hosting company.
  • This niche has lots of competitors but Who is Hosting This? Ranked top of them due to their quality and detailed content. They also helped you by providing a list of the “most popular hosts”
  • Pros:
  • Detailed and authentic content
  • Heavy traffic
  • Compare Accounting
  • As we all know that affiliate marketing refers to the commission you get after selling or recommending something to your customers. But this is not the only way to earn. The Compare Accounting affiliate website is an example and proof of this statement.
  • This site makes the bank account of the companies by generating leads. For this, they do not need the market with affiliate programs or with heavy traffic. They do this with little traffic.
  • The basic agenda of this website is to help the small businessmen with a limited source to find the best accounting software to fulfill their needs and requirements. The reason for the success of this site was the selection of the right niche.
  • Pros:
  • Quality content
  • Help the small businesses
  • Narrow niche


The number of affiliate marketing websites are increasing day-by-day. The 25 top affiliate marketing websites are mentioned above. All of these websites have quality content and authentic information to help and guide the viewers. You can select any website according to your need and requirement.

Few websites provide information related to the financial issues, few highlights the issues of women and give suggestion and solutions, few covers the information of advanced technology and this list goes on.

You can rely on these websites for your required information or look into affiliate marketing YouTube. Moreover, you can see most profitable niches to start your earning online.