The Four Percent Group Review by Vick Strizheus Free online Training

Do you want to learn to turn your Passion into Profits? If you’re interested in taking your online business to the next level? The 4 Percent Group appears to be a good opportunity for any digital marketing entrepreneur. This is an elite community that provides all the tools you need to start making money online created by Vick Strizheus

Inside The 4 Percent Group’s Members Area:

I just wanted to post this quick members area screenshot for anyone who may be following my review and case study of The 4 Percent Group. I know that I like to see what I’m going to be getting before I buy anything, so I thought maybe you all would too.

I’m really happy and excited to say that this system works for me. Although results may vary, it gave me great results on the 1st day that I tried it. It still works after a few days, I implementing the course. This course is really easy and simple to follow and understand.

When you join 4 Percent Group, you will gain access to the member’s area where you will get access to readymade funnel, high quality training videos and two big archives of documents/tools/etc relating to email list building and commission generation.

Features of The 4 Percent Group:

  • The 4 Percent Group is the best online money making system earn a lot of money with the right strategy and get more commission from different products.
  • Here you can learn about secret formulas to generate more leads on demand and you can get experienced in a different way that you never imagined before.
  • It will really support and teach you how to earn money, how to set up by your own.
  • This system can teach you everything to build your business from your home or office, so you can get more knowledge and higher incomes in just a few days.

So, what exactly this learning process includes?

  1. Step 1: New members’ orientation: The first presentation by Vick, which there he reveals his vision and strategies in generally. As always, the first introduction is the most important and most recommended way to soak the entire perspective of what you’re going to get, plus, how it is going to happen. You will immediately notice that Vick is a very dynamic person (I would rather say a workaholic too).
  2. Step 2: Quick setup and activating Multiple streams of income: In this step you will be guided personally by Vick with a lot of informative details, step by step style as for how to set up your accounts in order to get the 4% system generating multiple streams of income, to ensure you have a constant flow of incomes from several different sources.
  3. Step 3: Funnels setup: As mentioned, as a basic 4% member (or above) you will have a free access to the outstanding funnels directory of the group. These funnels are highly recommended to use for some reasons, first, they all created by the Four Percent Group with an aim to convert well. Secondly, during the learning process, you will be taught how to use and master these funnels in order to maximize your commissions from the several channels.
  4. Step 4: Power base activation: Results today: Okay, this step comes right after you have set up everything and ready to go! In this step, you will be getting Vicks’ instruction as for what to do and how to act once you’re ready.
  5. Step 5: Plant your flag: This step includes general explanation, it basically meant to motivate people by showing them the whole picture.
  6. Step 6: The Miracles of live events: Here Vick explains about the virtual webinars in the group, including the FB live events, and explains the importance and worth of attending to live events that the Four Percent Group has.
  7. Step 7: Operation 100K: Well, we have done everything from step1 to step6 in order to get to the last step which is also called OP100K. This step is actually the beginning of the learning process, or in other words, at this point you start to run your business! Once you are here, be rest assured that your journey as an internet marketer starts. In this Operation 100K, Vick will be teaching you his strategies of how to collaborate as a marketer in the industry with an aim to dominate the market, unlike many others who busy competing each other.

Four Percent Review – Membership Details

Once you become a full fetched member of the 4 percent group, this is what you can expect to receive:

  • Your 7-Step Guide which will hold you by the hand to set up your online marketing business
  • Your 100k Challenge – this is my favorite part of the training, where you are taken through how you can get your clients, and make money with your newly created online business.  The challenge is to hit 100k in 90 days.
  • 50% commission on any sales you make within the group
  • Invitation to Join the Closed Members Area and Facebook, which is a source of constant mentoring.
  • Weekly training courses and monthly conference calls.
  • The 4 Percent Group sales funnels, which have been already optimized for success.
  • Education on how to promote any “funnel” or advertising medium that you wish to sell.
  • Events and Conferences held worldwide which continue to open a world of opportunities.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, The 4 Percent Group is an incredibly awesome lucrative platform… ! It provides starters, marketers, and dreamers with the shortcuts, blind spots, and tools to turn their drive into thriving, profitable Digital Businesses. You have a full 14 days to take the system for a full test drive You can use all of the tools, access the training and even have your first two phone calls with your personal coach. It is absolutely a great system where the coaches keep you accountable and helps you get out of your day job. Follow their guidance and you’ll earn way more money in 14 days than you ever will watching another “how to” training at home. Get Started with The 4 Percent Group now and stay connected with 7 & 8 Figure Earners.

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Kimberly Nichols, I’m an affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Professional. I want to share my knowledge with you. My philosophy. its all about giving back and adding value. so drop me a line if you have any question.

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