The best 2021 business opportunities

we’re going to first talk a lot today about the opportunity what is this business we’re talking about then we’re going to go into things like product selection and finding suppliers and marketing and beating big brands and a whole lot of other stuff so thank you very much for joining us uh if you’re watching this on facebook give this post a like if you’re watching it on youtube give it a thumbs up let us know you can hear us loud and clear feel free to comment below also if you have any questions we’ll try to get to some of those live but worst case we’ll always try to get them afterwards and so if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to give us a comment below and we’ll get to those as much as possible and so what’s happening while we’re doing this live show is we’re releasing a brand new four-part video series so that actually starts tomorrow on tuesday so that’s going to be part number one of four of this video series it’s all brand new and it shows you how to build an entire business following this model that you know i guess i started with years ago 10 years ago or so building my own e-commerce business ended up figuring out amazon i taught the other co-founder of amazing mike was one of our early students and since then we’ve taught over 30 000 people this business model and i’ve had some incredible successes and so this four part video series walks you through that entire business model from start to finish and the video series is a hundred percent free and with each and every video that we’re releasing including the one tomorrow we have amazing downloads for you so the first one and mike is going to talk a little bit about this later but tomorrow the first download that you get with video one of the series is a brand new software tool that we’ve developed to help making finding product opportunities easier and better than ever so if there’s anything else you want to mention about the series uh no you know so the four part training series is going to be you know spaced out over you know a couple days each and it really takes you through the entire process a little business model from finding products to finding suppliers to launching the products and then scaling the entire business and so we’re going to follow along with that we’re going to go really in more detail so we you know we have some great training there you’ll get but we want to go above and beyond that and i’ll let you ask us questions on these live sessions here so we can interact with you we’re going to bring in some other live guests as well people that you’ll be seeing and hearing from in our training series who’ve had some incredible success stories who started out just where you’re at today watching these live sessions watching these videos and now own you know brands and businesses that are doing up to half a million dollars a month we’re going to bring them on these calls interview them ask them exactly what it’s like to build their business and they’ll let you ask them questions at all as well so lots of other things in these live sessions and today we’re going to be also sharing with you some really cool products that are right for the picking right now yeah so there’s a special niche that we found that is great for building a brand right now great for finding amazing product opportunities and you know warren buffett he actually recently put 15 billion dollars into this market and has quoted that he says there’s another 15 billion dollars ready to go he’s basically ready to double down on his investment in the space and so we found a lot of cool product opportunities mike’s going to talk a lot about those and it’s a great market that you can jump into and build your own business because that at the end of the day is what we’re talking about here is that you know if you want financial freedom if you want lifestyle freedom maybe you’re you know working a job you want the freedom to go do what you want when you want you want to be able to travel maybe even just spend more time with your kids and not have to be stuck at an office instead taking them to their sports games or taking them on trips or if you just want to buy some nice stuff that’s what the point of a lot of that’s the main reason a lot of people build this kind of business so they can have all those things in their life because they feel like you know a job may just not get them there so what we’re going to be talking about today is how to build your own brand leveraging the power of one of the world’s largest online retailers and that’s amazon we’ve been working with tens of thousands of people over the past eight years or so and we know this business model works and the cool thing is is it just just keeps getting better and better so today you’re going to learn the first steps of this and we’re actually going to give you a brand new niche that we’ve never talked about before on any video and especially not live yeah so well actually the way we found this niche was kind of not by accident we challenged ourselves so last week we’re preparing for all the training and we know the training teaches you exactly how to find the best product opportunities thousands of opportunities out of the three billion plus products on amazon we also give you in our training series tomorrow which starts at 9 m the five criteria that we use still to the state to find our own products but when matt and i were talking last week about you know how to really kick off these live sessions what else can we do to share them that’s different outside above and beyond the training and so one of the things talked about is why don’t we just go out there and find some completely brand new categories or niches that you know are really underserved right now there’s a lot of opportunity you started thinking about it and matt you know does a lot of reading and does a lot of reading about entrepreneurs and businessmen and talked about you know warren buffett about how he’s investing you know 15 billion dollars into this industry and so we started looking on amazon said well you know what if that industry is still fairly new chances are the products are fairly new and there’s some really good opportunities and it took a search of one word on amazon to prove that case out and that word research on was solar you know solar energy solar power is a huge topic right now not just for warren buffett for elon musk and so many other people as well and we realized when we did the search on amazon that there were tons of products and we just pulled out a dozen random products looked at them and they’re doing awesome on amazon right now one of those products it’s right here solar lantern that’s pretty cool put a hand over here it’s already powered up with this solar lantern on amazon i’m going to pull it up on my screen i’ll kind of show you the exact product here