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Do you want your product to rank higher in the Amazon search results? You cannot improve the ranking if you only trying to increase the number of searches and hoping to increase your sales, rather you need to vigilantly optimize your product listing. How can you do that? If you have already completed the basics of amazon fba, You are almost done. Last step to pave the path for the money to come your way is the product listing optimization for which we 'ill be going through this article you will be able to optimize your product listing in a great way.


In this article, we introduce some important key factors.

NO 1: Keywords

NO 2: Content

NO 3: Reviews, Questions & Answers


Keyword optimization is extremely important for appearing the product in Amazon search. The product listing only contains the searched keywords. If you leave it without proper customization, customers cannot see your product. Good news is that keyword optimization is not a big deal and it can be done easily if you follow the key points which are covered in the article ahead.

Include all the keywords on your product page, Which is relevant keywords for your product.

After finishing keyword research, add keywords in your product strategic places.

 Step 1: Add keywords in your product title according to new SEO algorithms, This is no can now pay more attention to crafting a descriptive, yet the readable title.

Step 2: Add up to 249 bytes of other important keywords in the “search terms” (also known as “generic keywords”.) Caution: Amazon will not index these keywords If you use more than 249 bytes.

Step 3: you can also add more keywords., but when if it does not disrupt informative clarity of the product exist.

Step 4: other keywords types, some product allow the additional keywords, such as Target Audience.

Step 5: Assign additional product information, such as material type, to your product. Fill in this information as thoroughly as possible because customers can access it via the filter navigation and specific product finders.


Content optimization can increase the click-through rate (CTR) in the search result and the conversion rate (CR) on the product page. Both, in turn, contribute to an increase in sales and thus a higher ranking.

This is the following three important point is also to improve your content:

  1. Your Product Information
  2. Your Product Text
  3. Your Product Images


These following principles when creating descriptions and product texts

1 Information: includes all the essential information for the buying decision.

2 communication: Highlight the benefits and USPs of the article in the description. How do your product’s features help potential buyers? How exactly do they benefit from them?

Presentation: present & structure so that customers can receive it quickly and easily.

The additional option is available for the seller with Amazon(Amazing selling machine) brand registry and vendors. an integrated system, for example, the combination of text and images to a high-quality product description, The result: Vastly improved options to show off products and brands and to utilize cross-selling.

While optimizing product content, it’s important to keep in mind how it will appear on mobile devices. Text (such as bullet points and product description) comes out significantly shorter so that the most important information should always be listed first.


One thing keeps in mind customers also looks at the images of the product. Thus, they have a high priority for the CTR and CR:

Main Images:

According to CTR and CR. The main images may only contain the core product and must act with the minimum requirement with Amazon (especially a white background and filling 85% of the image frame). The product should be attractive, easily recognizable, and well lit.

Additional Images :

According to CR. You have the more option of flexible design with additional images. Use it with the highlight of the distinguishing features of the product.


We can use additional information on each product. Example of material, weight, or energy efficiency class. fill information as completely as possible the filter navigation sidebar you can use it, as well as product finder. The information is also clearly displayed to improve the conversion rate.


Customers Reviews

Reviews are also critical to the CTR a CR of a product. there are two types

1: Amount                                                  2: Stars

Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

You can increase the number of reviews in a simple way. In real, Customers also prepare the submit review with excellent customer services.

Always you stay within the review guidelines of Amazon. Amazon has big offers for sellers and vendors  its own fee-based programs for generating reviews:

continue to Implement review, an arrangement to maintain a high product review. you also want to particular do comment of negative customer reviews you can add your own perspective and shed a better light on the review. It also shows good customer service and might persuade the customer to amend the review or remove it altogether.

Questions And Answers

Customers can ask you about the product page which is so important customers often ask you about the specific details or may be other information that they can not on the product page. Sellers, vendors, and other customers can answer questions. Sellers and vendors should address unanswered questions regularly to ensure that customers receive correct answers.

Doing so will also improve the information content of the product page: The questions often point to larger information gaps, which can now be added to the description.


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