One Click Copywriter – Funnel Scripts Review

I agree copy writing is not easy. I remember how I used to spend days on thinking creative ideas for email. I know it’s hard to come up with creativity, something new and unique. Beside this hard work I feel copy writing boring. Crafting copies needs a lot of time, skills and practice.

To sell something you need to touch your reader's emotional level for which you should be adept at the art of getting through their feelings of sadness, happiness, anger and fears.

Have you ever wonder, why it is difficult for online businesses to sell their product, even though traffic on their web page flows from left to bottom.

Many online businesses and marketers ignore copy writing so much and then blame readers and visitors. Well! If online businesses have quality content on their sites and they have well structured site map, eventually they will get lots of buyer and visitors.

What are copies?

Copies are the messages that sell your product. If, you don’t use good structure of words and impressive message, then there are very few chances of making any money from your online advertising.

These copies are the core part of the whole struggle, where actual money lies. If your copies are not interesting and not structured well, it means your business will suffer and people will take less interest in your products and leave the site very soon.

In this article, I will tell you about a tool which will completely solve your problems which are becoming a barrier for you to write an attractive copy.

What is Funnel Script?

A copy writing tool which will help you to create engaging marketing copy for your business is called ‘funnel script’. With the help of funnel script it becomes very easy to create unique content which attracts buyers and persuade them to buy your product.

A person who has zero skills can make an amazing copy with the help of funnel script. At the same time, it will make easier for the experienced copywriters to polish their skills more in copy writing by writing great content in a very quick and comprehensive manner without a great deal of hassle.

To be very honest funnel script will make you lazy and let you spend more time on other activities without compromising the authority of the content.

Creators of the funnel script 

Funnel Scripts was made with the idea to save time that is wasted on making copies by marketers. The site owners are compelled to appoint expensive copywriters to write these copies for them. Jim Edwards (copywriting expert) and Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels) developed this funnel.

The two of them observed a lot of funnel builders. They were facing great deal of problem with their writers for writing exceptional content which can attract their potential customers to a point where they could be convinced to take action.

Appointing good copywriters is very expensive for new businesses and somehow for the established one’s as well. That is why; the Funnels Scripts becomes the savior.

Why you should use funnel script? 

The objective of Funnel script is based on Three ‘ S ‘ formula

  • Save time
  • Save stress
  • Save money

We all know writing a copy is so hard; it takes a lot of time and brain. No matter how much skilled you are, it will still take a lot of time to write an amazing piece of copy.

After all, it is not a friendly experience. Well! At least for me because putting content at any site takes a lot of energy and brain work.

Honestly, it takes a lot, to touch the feelings of your audience to know the feelings of their sorrows and happiness. It takes so much time for that and at the same time there is no guarantee that it will arouse their feeling or not.

On the other hand, with the help of funnel script it will only take 10 minutes to create an excellent copy and results are tested thousands of time in the real world.

Things you will understand from Funnel script 

I will not go in the long details that how to use the funnel script because you will get detailed instructions through videos at the beginning once you get on board. You don’t need to Google anything as you will find each and every detail at the beginning.

According to Stephen Esketzis there are seven types of funnel scripts
  • Video and sales script
  • Action script call
  • Capture lead script
  • Magic bullet script
  • Million dollar script testimonial
  • Order bump script
  • Advertising

Total Cost of funnel script

Funnel script was a yearly subscription program at the rate $497 but recently it changed its policy to one time payment for unlimited use at the rate of $797 where you will get to use all features like blue print, copywriting master classes and monthly classes with Jim Edwards.

OMG isn’t it breathtaking deal? This is such an amazing deal especially for those who cannot afford to pay the yearly fees.

Things you need to know 

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • Is any free trial available?

Well there is no free trial available. Funnel script do not offer any free trial or free version. All you can do is check preview.

  • Is there any free coupon available?

As far as I know there is no coupon and discount available at funnel script. But let me tell you an interesting thing, there is a 30 days guarantee scheme. You will get your money back if you arenot satisfied with generated copies.

  • Availability of webinar?

Funnel scripts have webinar. Well it is like introduction to funnel script like what to do or how to do. You will see latest updates and demos which will help you to learn about funnel script before investing your money.

  • How to buy funnel script?

If you don’t want to use webinar link, then you can buy funnel script directly from checkout page by using this link ‘Buy funnel Scripts’.

  • How to access funnel script for free?

Who doesn’t love free things? Ah yes! There is a way to get free funnel script, if you get a clickfunnel plan which is also known as the funnel builder secret plan.

  • Funnel script is really worth it?

Funnel script is really worth it without any doubt. It saves your times by generating copies in less than 10 times. It saves your money, which means you have no need to hire a copywriter which meansyou can save so much of your hardly earn money.

Pros & conS


  • Easy to use, you need no expert skills to use this. 
  • Saves time, where content creation takes days and months to think funnel scrip do this job in less than 10 minutes.
  • Saves money, copywriting is less expensive than hiring a copywriter.
  • You can make a request, if your desired script is not available.
  • There are so many videos at the beginning. So you can completely understand how to use funnel script, plus monthly classes with Jim Edwards are also available.
  • Multiple scripts can be generated from one input.


  • It could be a bit expensive for some small businesses.
  • With funnel script you will find a lot of similar content in the market but if you want to be unique then your first choice should be funnel script.

Final thought

After this review you can clearly see funnel script is ideal tool for your business. It saves time, money, stress and makes you look like a pro.

It is the best tool for a new business. A good copy can turn an ordinary company into a multinational company. The content created by funnel script will develop trust and relationship with the audience and will surely compete with other businesses.

I strongly recommend this tool with one hundred percent surety that you will never repent after buying it. On the contrary you will think that why did you got late in embracing such a precious pearl. So hurry up and make an instant decision.