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  • Creator: Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays

Money Revealed Review

Hey, folks, Thanks for stopping and reading the blog post (in 100kreviews.com) about money revealed review. money revealed review basically include the 9 episodes featuring 36 different self-made millionaires and financial experts.

What is The Money Revealed Review?

Money Revealed is unlike anything you have ever seen before because it has never been done before on the topic of money. The Money Revealed program has to document the “secrets” of the wealthy. If people REALLY knew… If they TRULY understood how the whole monetary system works…

Two things would happen:

1. They'd be furious

Because they've been taken advantage of and kept in the dark about how money really works… AND:

2. They'd get rich

Because the system is rigged to reward people who know how to play the game by the rules…

It's not complicated – but it's also NOT taught anywhere… except around the dinner table in wealthy families…

…Interesting, eh? What I'm about to give you access to changes all of that – and hands you the knowledge of the wealthy: If you've ever felt like there was an invisible force keeping you from achieving the wealth you desire and deserve… You are right. That invisible force is called ignorance…

…and it's not your fault.

Sometimes, you just don't know what you just don't know.

Until now…

Because up until now, this knowledge was hidden from you…

But RIGHT NOW marks the moment when I'm handing you the only resource you need to learn what the wealthy know about money that you do not.

Episode 1: Wiping Off Taxes and Stocks Investments Tweaks


Robert Kiyosaki: Money revealed review starting from one of the most popular advisors in the world He is a New Money Revealed ReviewYork Time’s Best Selling Author for his book entitled, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He talks about how he uses debt in order to create more wealth.

first, it seemed to contradict to me at first but after the interview of this person then I understood how this principle struggling benefit not just him as a businessman but also economy and he explains the 5 different investment that legally wipes out taxes and how this contributes to strengthening the economy.


Money Revealed Review

David Gardner: He is the most popular one of the founders and advisors in The Motley Fool – a multimedia financial services company. In this episode, he shares how the idea of establishing the company started out as a family joke and later on turned out to be a huge enterprise. He also imparts unique and awesome insights on how a minor tweak in stock investing can make a big difference both financially and socially. I think that the highlight of his segment is his advice on how to start investing at any stage in life. He did a great job explaining the tricky parts of the stock market in a way that can be easily understood even by beginners or aspiring investors.

In the short term.

He shares:

  • How the ‘Motley Fool” went from a family joke to a thriving business… with a cool but unusual mission
  • How a small tweak to traditional stock investing pays solid returns AND just as importantly… makes the world a better place
  • How to invest in stocks at any stage of life, what to look for and why it's the right thing to do

Episode 2: Retiring the Smart Way, Healthcare Investments and The Future of Crypto

Money Revealed Review

Money Revealed Review







Garrett Gunderson– He tackles different traditional approaches to retiring and the reason why most of it does not create financial freedom. He reveals show-stopping truths about 401(k) that even convinced the filmmaker himself, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, to liquidate his after finding out about this secret.


  • Why saving for retirement doesn't create financial freedom… And how shifting your aim a little can secure your financial future
  • The 3 forces that erode retirement funds before retirees are ready
  • The shocking truth about 401(k)'s that made our host Dr
    Patrick Gentempo liquidate his

Ray Blanco – For blockchain and cryptocurrency investors out there – this one is not to be missed. He revealed 2 blockchain places that are on the rise as well as the most profitable stock market right now. Furthermore, he adds two healthcare investments that are worth checking out.


  • A detailed analysis of two hot healthcare investments
  • The hottest sector of the stock market right now—and the 3 ways to invest in this massive trend
  • The future of crypto—why most coins will fail but the two places the blockchain will make investors a lot of money


Money Revealed Review

Andy Tanner – He discusses the inevitable fall of the stock market and how there are laws that ensure for this to happen. He also reveals the move that an individual or a businessman has to do in order to survive this economic storm. It includes other important tidbit information such as the deceptive figure on your account statement that “skim” you and how to get rid of it.

Shortly discuss:

  • If stocks are at all-time highs, why are 401(k)'s so small?
  • The sly way the system is rigged to “skim” your account and the deceptive number on your account statement hiding it from you
  • The unstoppable force that will send the stock market tumbling, the federal law that guarantees it, and the #1 action that will get you through the storm

Roger Hamilton – This is another key segment for me. He introduces a Japanese principle that applies to both health and wealth. Interestingly, he shares how now is the best time to be rich in any country in the world. He also talks about the 3 phases of entrepreneurship and how to get to the third phase faster where the real money starts to flow.


Mike Dillard

Money Revealed Review

Founder at SelfMadeMan.com, Entrepreneur & Investor

A key lesson Mike learned about himself that made him quite what he was doing and try something new—leading to his rapid rise to riches

The future of “cryptos”—Security Token Offerings and the tokenization of all things (PLUS: How Mike's investing)

Mike's one-step action plan to change the course of your life—and exactly what to do today



Money Revealed Review


Paul Zane Pilzer Economist, Entrepreneur & Adviser to Presidents

The two-word criteria an investment must meet to free you from the need to work (HINT: It's why he loves planet fitness)

Who is responsible for understanding money in your household? And how to plan your investments to make you happy

Priceless advice on real estate, entrepreneurship and how the sharing economy is going to affect them all



Money Revealed Review


Entrepreneur, Founder of Capitalism.com & Investor

The #1 “hack” for creating income on demand… And the 90-day action plan to get there

A step-by-step approach to creating your first $1M business —including the first step to take to get started

The three assets Ryan buys with the profits from his business and the one thing they all MUST have in common


Money Revealed Review


Founder & CEO of Whole Foods,
Capitalist & Investor

How joining a hippy commune lead to one of the greatest
capitalistic achievements of our lifetime

The one activity that almost every single very wealthy person owes much of their wealth to—and how you can do it too

How John made enemies on Wall Street by giving everyday investors a level playing field on the Whole Foods IPO



Money Revealed Review


Home-Based Business Owner, Entrepreneur
& Passive Income Specialist

How “mac & cheese” drove Justin to start his first business and sparked a series of events that led to his massive passive cash flow

What are the things to look for when you are exploring the different business opportunities available to you? Don't ignore this

What happened to Justin years ago when his income first passed $10,000 per month… and just how big can your income get?

Money Revealed Review


Money Revealed Review


Money Revealed Review









Real Estate Investor, CEO of Wealth
Accelerator System

3 ways to become wealthy through single-family homes —lessons learned—and who should try each approach

Why Ron's real estate portfolio became more valuable during the 2008 housing crash while everyone else's tanked

The no-hype plan for growing wealth through single-family houses


Blockchain & International Real Estate Investor, Founder of WealthMigrate


How to pay for your global traveler lifestyle, so cash flows in while you explore exotic locations… with one type of asset

How Scott is joining an ancient asset class with crypto technology to eliminate poverty and create wealth for billions through capitalism

The 5 Rules of Collaborative Investing and how you can apply them to become a global investor

Episode 7: How blockchain is changing the world

Money Revealed Review


Founder & CEO
Blockchain Pioneer & Investor

What is the future of “crypto”—how the blockchain is changing everything about modern economies

How the blockchain is creating better infrastructures for third world countries than what's available anywhere else

The 3 places he is looking to disrupt via the blockchain… and how this is going to unlock “tens of trillions of dollars of capital”


Blockchain Expert, CEO Medici Land ‘Governance & Crypto Futurist

What is the blockchain? When you understand how this works, you'll understand why it is game over… this is unstoppable

How governments across the world—from first to third world economies—are all working towards this innovation

This is more disruptive than the internet… What sectors should investors keep their eyes on over the next 10 to 15 years?


Chairman of the Board at Overstock.com, Blockchain Innovator & Investor

Bitcoin is to blockchain as email was to the internet—it's the first big “app” but it's just the tip of the iceberg… Here's what to watch next

What can investors do to participate in the upside of the inevitable rise of the blockchain? Jonathan shares a few ideas

How the blockchain can eliminate voter fraud… free up trillions of dollars of trapped equity… and re-shape every part of our society


Money Revealed ReviewRYAN LEVESQUE

Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Business / Marketing Guru

The one-word strategy Ryan used to profitably create 23 online businesses from home

The 7 factors a market must possess for it to be worth pursuing as a new business (including the 5 “Market Must-Haves” test)

How one free online research tool quickly provides a red-light / yellow-light / green-light signal for starting a new business

Tax-Free Wealth
Advisor & “Laser Fund” Investor

Why 401(k), IRA and other tax-deferred accounts all have one built-in flaw that the government is just now being forced to acknowledge

The “Rich Man's Roth” that provides permanent tax-free returns —doubles when your family needs it most and avoids estate tax

The biggest parasite to wealth that prevents most people from becoming wealthy—fix this and you'll build wealth by doing good

Episode 9: Product Development and Trading

Money Revealed Review


Entrepreneur, E-commerce Expert & Founder of Rapid Crush

How to start a business selling products on Amazon… Jason's story and how he's taught others to do the same

How to analyze a product idea quickly to see if it is worth it before you ever spend a dime on product development so you don't waste money

How much could you make? Jason shares from his and his 15,000 students' experiences… Plus, why now is the best time ever to start


Stock Trader, Educator & Founder of Simpler Trading

The story of how John went from making his first profitable trade in high school… today trading… swing trading and now teaching

What does John see ahead for the future of cryptocurrencies? And where do they fit into a well-planned portfolio?

The basket of investments he believes investors should consider and a number of ways to make money in today's economy

Meet Your Hosts

Money Revealed Review


Money Revealed Review







    DR.PATRICK GENTEMPO                                                                                                 MR. JEFF HEYS

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is a well-known and respected star in the world of health, wellness and business.

As a chiropractor, he built an international business and his innovations received multiple patents.

He is a post-graduate faculty of multiple chiropractic institutions and has been published repeatedly in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Gentempo successfully exited his diagnostic technology business in 2011 to pursue his passion for exposing the truth through film-making.


Jeff Hays is a 20+ year filmmaker veteran and a serial entrepreneur

His commission by Patrick Byrne… His work with stars like Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank…

And his documentaries being short-listed for an Academy Award have made him a legend in the industry.

Recent health documentary projects include “Bought”, “Doctored” and “Undoctored.”

Hays lives in the Utah mountains with his dog Abby and works from his office in NY. He's a father of 9, and grandfather of 12, with new ones arriving annually.

Money Revealed Review

Money Revealed Review