Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review – Tony Robbins Mastermind

The magic happens when Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi lineup to initiate an online course. And that online course is now known as Knowledge Broker Blueprint. It was previously known as Knowledge Business Blueprint, in short, termed as KBB.

Who created the Knowlwdge Broker Blueprint?
This Knowledge Broker Blueprint is created by three master minds Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi
and Russel Brunson who are expert in business, marketing and personal development. They are
very successful in this area and running this business through their evergreen and wonderful
idea of knowledge sharing.

Biggest online course: It has been ranked the biggest online course launched till now. The preliminary Live Cast sharing KBB with the world hosted by Tony and Dean had over 250,000 attendees on LIVE! Wow, massive achievement though. 

Throughout the initial launch of Knowledge Broker Blueprint, more than 17,000 individuals have invested in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Well, impressive will be an understatement for such great work.

As we trust so robustly in the KBB Course, we’re much energized to be sharing our Knowledge Broker Blueprint review with you!

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The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Creator: Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
  • The best course out there for starting and running your own Mastermind.
  • Hands-on training with exercises and reward system ensures you get the most out of the course.
  • Dean is an inspiring teacher who tells great stories.

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4 main modules of Knowledge Broker Blueprint

This Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course is broken down into 4 main sections. These sections further include multiple lessons.

Module 1: Extract It 

In this Extract It module, you will learn the following features:

  • The Secret behind Tony Robbin’s Success:At first step, you will learn out what it acquires to succeed? What are the secrets to scale? and what you should expect?
  • Discover and define your Expertise and Ideal Client
  • Triangle model: lies in Story, Teach, Tool Model to a perfect mastermind
  • A toolbox filled with exercises:Exact tools will be applied for you and your students.
  • Set up Your mastermind Agenda:create a bulletproof agenda with drag and drop capabilities.
Module 2: Fill It

The Fill it module leaps directly into the marketing tactics you require to accomplish something with your Mastermind. You will get training and specific lessons from Dean and his individual team experts. This module is crammed with actionable value, counting:

  • Selling framework: you will become an expert that how to market an event. The selling framework includes the hook, the story, and the closing as well.
  • Building landing page and funnel:it entails the framework of a sales page along with good vs. bad pages. You will also learn how to get familiar about charging your event
  • Marketing Wagon Wheel: A review of what Dean calls Marketing Wagon Wheel which will demonstrate to you about the platforms that you need to use. And special training is also added on running social media campaigns like FB, YT, social media secrets, affiliate partners and email marketing strategies.
  • Perfect Application & Order Pages: they have pre-built webpages that have been given a try and got tested as well. You can model them exactly for your own event
  • Launch Secrets: you will also learn what Dean, Tony & Russell took decades in finding out and launching your event the right way!
Module 3: Run It

Run it wraps up all the lessons and strategies you need to run a successful Mastermind. For your Mastermind, whether you are doing virtual, in-person, or a mix of the two, this module will cover the following features:

  • The Perfect Mastermind Formula: you will learn the general psychology of a small group, workshop or a mastermind in this module. And how; when running efficiently, can result in the biggest needle mover in your company.
  • Virtual Event Checklists:Tanner from Dean’s team is available to walk you throughout the benefits of running a virtual event before or in combination with an in-person event.
  • The Perfect In-Person Event:Teresa from Dean’s office will take you through the perfect in-person event in this lesson.
  • Last Steps & Thank You: you will get to know how to get prepared for your mastermind, plus a list of all the essential components to make certain it’s a success! 
Module 4: Knowledge Broker

Tony and Dean teach different types of individuals. In this module you’ll determine how to:

  • Knowledge Broker Formula:
    • What does it mean to be a broker?
    • Receiving the yes, and getting acknowledged how to form a business around brokering somebody else’s knowledge?
  • Commitment from the Expert:In Knowledge Broker Blueprint, Dean will be there to demonstrate to you the step-by-step framework on how to obtain an expert to say yes when you approach them.
  • Establishing a Successful Business:In KBB, Dean is going to go through a list of what he believes are the opening pieces for a winning business.
  • The truth behind Tony & Dean’s Success:this training video will be a bonus for carrying out the entire course. You will come across such an interview which you have never seen before between Dean & Tony. In this interview, they will present you with the truth about how they started in this industry, their hard times, and their triumphs and how you can follow their path to success. 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Lessons

Each Lesson in Knowledge Broker Blueprint comprises of the following steps:

  • Action Steps
  • Tools
  • Audio Downloads
  • Transcript 

They work really GREAT, as it’s trouble-free to add the audio to your smartphone. You can also play your lessons in your car on the way to and back from work, or anytime during the day when you’re away from your PC!

Bonuses during their first-round launch

During their first launch, the bonuses they are offering to their customers include:

  • Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge: this gives access to a 4-part audio system for crafting an amazing life
  • Dean’s Inner Circle: this will provide you access to the best Inner Circle Training
  • Tony Robbins’ Platinum Bonus: Platinum bonus will give access to recording with people like Peter Mallouk and Jack Bogle
  • Russell Brunson’s Mastermind Funnels
  • Tony Robbins’ Priming Exercise

Note: each launch of Knowledge Broker Blueprint will consist of different bonuses; it’s not certain that you’ll have access to the bonuses listed above unless you joined in the first round during the February 2019 launch.

What else is Included with Your Knowledge Broker Blueprint Membership?

When you will be able to complete definite tasks and required actions within Knowledge Broker Blueprint, not ONLY you will get the potentially life-changing training with your Membership. But you will ALSO get the chance to earn points and badges within Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

How you will get points? You will get points by completing things such as a few mentioned below:

  • How to set up your Training?
  • 3 Day Streak Logging In
  • Passing your 1st Quiz
  • And much More…

What you can do with these points? With these points, you can unlock ADDITIONAL training from the “Power Moves” Portion of the member’s area.

The cost of these additional training sections is 1-2 credits each. They will cover topics such as:

  • How To improve Your Productivity In The Blink of an Eye
  • self-reliance Training With Dean & Tony
  • Money Masters dialogue With Tony & Russell Brunson
  • Tony Robbins Goal Mapping Plan (PDF)
  • And quite a few more is waiting for you

This is a GREAT motivation that will make you stick to your training. 

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint MindMint Software

What is Mindmint Software?

The MindMint software was formed with ONE PURPOSE in mind, which is doing the heavy lifting FOR YOU, so your focus should stand on building your business/mastermind using what you learn! 

Here’s what it does in a nutshell:

  • Merging all expenses into one:Design, acknowledge payments, & accomplish all with one system
  • Event Builder:put up an event from scratch using our structure for the ideal event formula
  • Wisdom Extractor: put together your agenda in 15 minutes with drag & drop visual potentials to modify every event with distinctive tools
  • Website Builder:it entails prebuilt pages that are made for you to do marketing along with pre-written emails and both application and sales-type funnels
  • Tracking & Sales: skillfully built CRM which will track and charge customers for each event
  • Pre Designed Checklists: Get mutually virtual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists so you don’t neglect a thing & have the perfect event
  • Integrations:The easiest way to automate your work is to integrate with over 1300 websites and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Who is it made for?

Of course, YOU. 

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Training and the Mindmint software are made for the people who are:

  • The expert needs to extract their knowledge.
  • The person searching for a technique to generate a new income.
  • The person who desires to become the reporter of other people’s expertise like Tony did.
  1. How Much a person can Make?

The thing is that there is no “set price” for how much YOU should charge. 

Some mastermind groups charge between $15,000 and $30,000 a YEAR, and they might take in a few (free) weekend events that are incorporated as part of the fee.

  • What happens If You’re Not An Expert?

It will still come out as a perfect match even if you’re NOT an expert at something

  • The Knowledge Broker Blueprint taught you the way how to PARTNER with a name who already IS an expert Like Tony did with Money Master The Game Book. 
  • Tony and Dean are BOTH at the top of their game, yet they’re associated together and with Russel Brunson (of Clickfunnels fame) to bring this program to you. 

Summing up the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review


  • I’ll be truthful to you when I first heard about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint; I just wasn’t that into it. I thought there will be no demand for such type of thing. But I was totally wrong. 
  • Knowledge Broker Blueprint comes out to be THE Best Business Training Course I’ve ever seen or studied in years, and while others were definitely amazing because nothing was as life-changing as Knowledge Broker Blueprint comes out for me.
  • Tony, Dean, the software, Knowledge Broker Blueprint itself, the Facebook Group, the love and the care it is giving is VERY much present with each phase of this course. The Facebook Group now feels like a family after just a few short days. You’ll see what I mean very soon. 
  • Pick this Knowledge Broker Blueprint now, I sincerely know this program will be the superlative decision you make this year.
  • By the way, do check out the Free Bonuses you’ll get a hold on if you pick it up via my referral link! 

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