How To Sell On Amazon Step By Step Full Guide

Muhammad Waqar Yousaf

Today I am going to walk you through the step by step full guide to getting started  selling on Amazon

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The first steps are to need you set up your Amazon seller central account

If you dont have and account first you need to do “Register Now” so that you can set up your amazon seller central account to get started selling on Amazon

If you are very interested in selling on Amazon,   then I highly recommended you that you sell like a professional seller the professional option is very expensive, but they have many features for sellers that you

Start Selling On Amazon Step By Step

have the need in order to be successful selling on Amazon it is also for those who want to sell a lot of product  and make a lot of on Amazon

The individual option is for those peoples that are only to sell few products and will limit you to be able to compete with the other products on Amazon

Selling on amazon like as a professional seller also give you an advantage of FBA

2. Add A Product To Your Amazon Seller Central Account

First, you set up your professional account, After this, you want to click on the “inventory” tab in the top left corner.

On this page, you can select the option to add a product which will allow you to add the product to your account to start selling on Amazon

add a product in amazon seller acount

Next, you’ll want to select the Category for your product.  You’ll be given a list of categories to choose from and you want to pick one that is most relevant to your product.

I highly recommended you look at your competitors and see what is the categories they are selling,

as you’ll want to compete in the same categories as they are.

After selected your categories, You will be able to set up your Amazon product listing so that you can selling on Amazon.

3. Set Up Your Amazon Product Listing

Now you are able to set up your Amazon product listing, which shows that others will see your product on Amazon.

First, you should want to fill out all the required information. you can change and update the information later so put the information for your product the best for.

Here: look at what your top competitors have put in for their product and see how they’re selling their product.

Set Up Your Amazon Product Listing

Take a look at their product title, images, description, etc…

If they are selling on Amazon successfully, then they’re doing something right.  You can model the most important things they’re doing, however, ensure to be different and stand out at the same time.

For your listing title, you want a title that stands out and grabs attention, has benefits in it but most importantly has your primary keyword in it.  By having your keyword in your product title, you’ll be able to show up in the Amazon search results when people search for it.

When setting the price for your product, you’ll want to price it in a similar price range as your top competitors.  I’ve often started selling my product on Amazon at a lower price than others, just so that I can rank it at the beginning and get some Amazon reviews.  You can always change your price at any time.

Your product images are VERY important (perhaps the most important aspect for sales).  You want to ensure they’re high quality and most importantly, grabs attention when people see it.  You want people to click on it and say to themselves, “I want that!”.  Make sure you have a high-quality designer that does a good job here.

Your product keywords are also crucially important.  You want to make sure you optimize them based on what people are searching for.  This will give you more exposure for your product in the Amazon search results.

Keyword optimization is something that will require some other training in the future.  There’s a powerful strategy I use when it comes to Amazon Ads that can help you see all the keywords people are using to buy your product.  I’ll possibly teach that in the future.CategorieseCommerce

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