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Gold and Silver for life Review 2019

Gold And Silver For Life Review webinar

Minesh Bhindi Presents – An Advanced Gold & Silver Investing Webinar:

3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver

So You Get An Income Of 12% To 26.4% Per Year… Just Like Real Estate!

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Gold And Silver For Life program have a 92% success rate (with this industry standard being 3%) as well as a 100% recommendation rate, verified via a survey carried out entirely by an independent consultant.

One of the best parts of this offer is the support you will receive, when you become clients, Minesh Bhindi personally give you free weekly coaching calls, FOR LIFE.

Gold And Silver For Life program have been highly acclaimed, here’s why you will love it:

1. Simple Strategy. Powerful Results.

Gold And Silver For Life program have spent 10 years taking away the complications of investing and made it possible for someone with only 20 minutes a month to manage a safe, secure, internationalized investment while owning Gold & Silver as income generating assets with a monthly cash-flow of 1%-2.2% per month. They get access to the program via an online learning center and Weekly Q&A calls.

2. Lifetime Support. Yep, That’s Right.

Gold And Silver For Life have a client Q&A call every single Monday at 6pm UK time with Minesh for advice on the market and their positions. It’s recorded and archived if they miss it. Rather than coaches, who have less experience with the strategy than Minesh, he found this weekly Q&A to generate the highest success rate. Minesh’s clients love this and preach it’s the highest value part of the service. That’s why I know you will love this too.

3. Making Money?: 92%*. Recommend It?: 100%.

In a recent survey on clients, 92% of people said they’re getting at-least our claimed results. *Upon review of the 8% Minesh found they were not following the rules and/or were only in the first month of their investing, so the investment hadn’t matured at the time of the survey. When asked if they’d recommend the program to their friends and family, Minesh had a 100% recommendation rate.

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Meet Profit. Minesh Bhindi’s flagship program.

1. Success Rate: 92%.

The industry average success rate for an investment program is 3%. Out of 100 people who buy and implement, only 3 are successful for ANY period of time. In an independent survey, not controlled or influenced in any way by Gold And Silver For Life, the researchers found a 92% success rate.

2. Results Financing.

Gold And Silver For Life only take 40% of the fee, then work with clients and when they make $150,000 in PROFIT, do they pay the rest of the fee.

3. Proven. 46 Countries.

Gold And Silver For Life strategy has been proven profitable and is currently being used by investors in 46 countries every single month.

4. Phenomenal. Structure.

Gold And Silver For Life program come with an online program consisting of videos, audios and workbooks. This is in addition to its LIFETIME support via weekly Q&A calls, at no extra charge, ever. Once you become a client, you’re in. Gold And Silver For Life have clients from 2010 still attending these weekly calls today, and they never pay a cent more.

Not Ready To Become A Client Yet?

Our strategy is not right for everybody, we get it. It’s specifically, and purposely, designed for those with capital who are concerned about protecting purchasing power and long term wealth accumulation.

However, this doesn’t diminish the importance of investing in Gold & Silver for everyone. Minesh always prescribes everyone a minimum portfolio goal of 500-700 ounces of Silver as a hedge.

TrainingFor those who are not ready to become a client yet, Minesh recorded a 23-minute training, inspired by guidance he gave to one of his best friend’s when she was finally earning good money and wanted a safe, simple to manage, monthly investment plan.

This training can and will help you even if you’re starting with just $50 a month. It’s totally free and in our opinion, is the ultimate starting guide for those new to investing in Gold & Silver.

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