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Detailed Review of Lean Body Hacks

lean body hacks

This comprehensive guide named Lean Body Hacks will teach you amazing techniques on inclusion of a unique proportion of spices and herbs in your daily diet.

It is officially and scientifically proven theory that it will definitely enhance your metabolism, improve your gut flora and ask your body to burn excess fat. Healthy gut is very much significant for the proper functionality of your body. Thanks to the modern era foods, the majority of people don’t have balanced intestinal flora.

This results in malfunctioning of the body and burning of food for energy that is required. In easy words, the food you should consume as fuel by your body becomes stored as fat instead. The best thing is that you can make the things correct by improving your gut flora and start burning fat painlessly by adopting this unique ratio of spices and herbs into your routine life. This is what lean body hacks are all about.

Introduction to Lean Body Hacks

A well-known saying elaborates you according to your eating habits. Unfortunately, this resulted in poor health and excessive weight in mostly people. More prominently, it also causes disturbed intestinal flora. Your gut flora is a basic factor or component to losing weight and leading a healthy life as it has very significant role functionality of your body. The moment your intestinal flora becomes unbalanced, your metabolism will slow down and your body starts storing excess fat – fat must be burned as fuel.

Latest scientific knowledge has clearly shown that there is a unique combination of spices and herbs that motivates the metabolism, improves the intestinal flora and asks your body to burn more fat.

You just have to include the proper combination in your diet, mentioned in this guide only i.e. lean body hack.

Due to adoption of this program, you will not only know the unique proportion of spices and herbs, but it will also teach you how to make it easily and delicious in your routine. This is basically a 21-day program that includes everything you need to experience the benefits of this powerful combination. It includes step-by-step instructions, recipes of detox tea, and valuable information related to the spices and herbs and the significance of those ingredients in your body. But apart from this, Lean body hacks contain much more for you.

The system offers you a widespread guide to improve your life and overall health to achieve extreme health, happiness and weight loss. It will also improve your sleep patterns, stress reduction techniques, lists of do’s and don’ts of food, plus a 21-day plan that gives you inspiration, meals, and more. All of this is divided into various factors of the system to ensure a simple and delicious tasty process. Components include:


Main Manual

Detox Tea Guide

21-Day Guide

31-Day Accountability Check-In

You will get instant access to all of this right after you buy it, so there is no need to wait until you hit your weight loss goals. Just login and download the content to your laptop, android phone and desktop computer. Once you download the program on your electronic devices, you will see what you need anytime, anywhere; you will find it in the grocery store, the unique ratio of spices and herbs or in the kitchen to prepare some of the delightful recipes for you.

You might think that an exceptional ratio of spices and herbs cannot make the intestinal flora and metabolism better enough to achieve significant results. We are a part of the world where various weight loss strategies have been introduced to give you some results, but not enough so that you are forced to linger to use the gym, weight loss programs, etc. but lean body hacks are totally opposite.

The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can go for it without any risk or hesitation. It’s a one-time purchase. Once you acquire it, you don’t have to pay longer to see the results. This program is designed to assist you toward healthy habits (21-day regime) so toward the end you know exactly what to do when you have finished the program.

Authors of Lean Body Hacks:

Mike Zhang and Randy Smith

Who is Mike? Mike is a legendary Thai champion of boxing. He achieved a master’s degree from the University of Toronto in applied sciences.

Who is Randy? On other hand Randy is a retired marine sniper from the United States Marine Sniper, who nearly lost his mother due to excessive weight and was desperately seeking for significant weight loss programs to avoid any exercise or diet.

Together they were able to do advanced regeneration research that continued toward the unique proportion of herbs and spices that this system introduced.

Lean Body Hacks-Overview

This comprehensive program that can guide you to safely improve your gut flora and enhance your metabolism so that your body operates properly again and you can consume fat effortlessly. It’s 100% natural and includes nothing more than healthy lifestyles and the unique percentage of spices and herbs that have been technically proven to increase metabolism, fortify intestinal flora and force your body to burn excess fat than fuel.

The program consists of a clear 21-day action plan, which makes it quite easier to adopt healthy changes as you only have to follow the regime. What to expect after completing this program, here’s a quick look at some of the matters and systems covered:

What does the main Manual contain?

Basically, the main manual is an introduction to the Lean body hacks Program.


Good Veggies vs. Bad Veggies

This portion of manual entails the use of Glycemic Index along with assistance of Low Glycemic Vegetables. In this section, you will also get to know about what Vegetables you should Eat and what vegetables you should Avoid. It also provides you the percentage of fiber content in vegetables, also includes the benefits of taking Fiber and what level of Fiber Content is present in Vegetables.

How your body recovers?

Well, this portion is specifically based on the significance of sleep. It will also help you by providing the tips and tricks about how to enhance your night sleep.

What are the ways to reduce Stress?

This section consists of Stress effects and three Easy Ways to Reduce Stress


What spices this review comprises of?

Actually, this will also help you by sketching the list of Fat Burning Spices and the ratio of spices that is needed for cooking. It also specifies you with the Golden Ratio of Spices that is made especially for Tea Version.

fat burning

What Beverages it supports?

This manual also delimits the use of beverages that what beverages you must avoid and what beverages you are allowed to drink.

What is a Tea Detox Guide?

The tea Detox includes Turmeric Tea, Spicy Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Spiced Ginger Tea, Dandelion Lemon Tea, Hibiscus Rose, Luscious Lemon Tea and Oregano Metabolic Tea.

What else do you need when you are equipped with the 21-Day Guide?

General Rules, Day-to-Day instructions, motivations, meals and teas etc.

Free of cost bonuses: This program also offers you some bonuses that you will receive free of cost, which contain:

· BONUS 1: Flat Belly Protocol of 60 second

· BONUS 2: Smoothie Recipes

· BONUS 3: Over 40 Libido Boosters

· BONUS 4: Best Selling Anti-Aging Workout DVD


A comprehensive 21-day program named Lean Body Hacks teaches you how to modify your health and body using natural and effortless habits. It emphasis heavily on bringing a unique concentration of spices and herbs to your day that has been clinically proven to enhance metabolism, intestinal flora and weight loss, but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You will observe new habits that retain the benefits even after the 21 day program has ended.



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