Best Webcam for YouTube

We are living in an era where vlogging, blogging or being an influencer is not a new thing. In fact today the Youtube business has not only grown but is among the top successful businesses in the industry. Internet is full of success stories of Youtube influencers, bloggers and vloggers. Including PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Jenna marbles and many more.

Though it seems pretty easy to be a Youtuber or an influencer, the reality is the opposite. There are a number of factors that are critical for the success of your youtube channel. If you are someone who is new to the Youtube industry and wants to start his/her own youtube channel then there are some important things that you should know.

Get yourself a pencil and a notepad, because this article covers one of the most important factors that can help you get more views on Youtube.

 get more views on Youtube

The Secret Of Successful Youtube Channel:

There is no denying that just like any other business market, Youtube has also become very competitive. There are millions of youtube channels today. But only a few hundreds of them are really successful and making an impact.

Normally, people believe that ‘Good Content’ is the key to Youtube's booming and fame. Yes, a great, unique and interesting content are definitely one of the topmost important tools for a lucrative Youtube channel. But there is another critical factor that you must know.

Good Content

Before you start a Youtube channel you have to make an investment in a webcam. You don’t have to start with an expensive one, but the video quality and resolution affect the views for sure. People love to watch good content but they also want good quality videos.

There are many YouTubers who are creative and have great content but the reason why people don’t view their channel is bad quality or resolution. You might be feeling a little confused right now, about how to start your channel or what webcam would be best for you. You need not worry because by the end of this article all of your curiosity and questions about Youtube webcam would be solved!

Not only this article gives you information on the webcams that most YouTubers use, but by the end of this discussion, you will also learn about what webcams would be best for you!

investment in a webcam

What is a good webcam resolution?

Before starting our discussion about what type of webcams do the Youtubers usually use? Or what is your webcam option? Or which webcam would be best for your Youtube videos? First, you need to know about what a good webcam resolution is and minimum video resolution that you need for a Youtube Channel.

When you view a video on Youtube, you usually get 3-4 resolution options the minimum is 240 pixels. Here is a list of all the Youtube resolutions, starting from low to high:

Minimum Resolution For Youtube: 240 p

Traditional Resolution: 360 p

Standard definition: 480 p

Minimum resolution for HD: 720 p

The maximum resolution for HD: 1080 p

It means that you would need a webcam to record your video with a minimum resolution of 360 pixels. But no, a webcam that has a resolution of 760 pixels is considered a good webcam for recording youtube videos. You can adjust the video quality afterward at 360 p and 240 p. But mostly YouTubers and vloggers prefer to use the webcam with at least a resolution of 760 p.

So if you have been recording your videos either with your phone’s camera or from some other low-resolution webcam, now is the time you need to upgrade it to 760 pixels.

Something That You Must Know:
 You Must Know

No doubt this article is a review of some of the best webcams for Youtube videos. But there are some things that you must know about the webcam. No matter how good or expensive any webcam is, there are some features any webcam could hardly provide.

So any company, brand or article claiming that their webcam provides you all or any of the following features, are surely lying:

Webcam’s Microphone Is Not Good:

Obviously a YouTuber or vlogger needs to record lots of videos on a daily basis. And recording a good video doesn’t only mean to provide your audience with just good image resolution. But it also means to record a video with clear audio as well.

bad microphone

Mostly, webcams come with a built-in microphone. But despite the fact, how expensive your webcam is, it doesn’t provide you a good microphone. You would be able to record a good quality video (resolution) but your video will lack the clear audio. It will record distorted audio. In short, webcam’s microphone is not a good option for audio recording and you would need a different microphone for this purpose.

No, You Can Barely Get 1080p From a Webcam:

Another claim that some of the webcam companies might use to promote their product is that their product can record 1080 pixels video. Well, the reality is quite different. No webcam can go more than 760 pixels and if some brand or retailer is claiming otherwise then its a scam. According to the survey, only 1% of all the webcams in the market can record 1080 pixels video but that’s a very rare case.

Pan, Zoom and Tilt Options Are Digital:

When you record videos with a webcam, you have to install another software or application to zoom, tilt or pan the video. And throughout the video, you need these tools quite often. But as these features or options are not built-in the webcams, it means they affect the video quality. Using another application or software to zoom, tilt or pan your webcam is no more different than using photoshop to expand the image. And we all know that when we zoom or tilt the image or video using another editing tool it certainly decreases the resolution or quality.

What webcam do Youtubers use?

So now that you know the minimum webcam resolution that you would need to produce good quality videos, the next thing under discussion is the type of webcams that most YouTubers use. When you search for the webcams for Youtube you would find a large number of options in the market. There are multiple webcam brands and each brand provides various different variations in their product.

youtuber webcam

Though variety expands your options at the same time, it also creates confusion. And there are high chances that you might end up with the wrong webcam. Especially when you don’t have the knowledge and information about webcams.

Stop stressing about what webcam should you use and relax! We understand the importance of webcams and how they affect the growth of your Youtube career. This is why we have reviewed various different types of webcams that different YouTubers use. And listed out the 5 best webcams so far, that some of the famous Youtubers have been using.

Here is the list of all the 5 top best webcams for youtube, along with details about their specifications including resolution and price.

1-  Logitech HD Pro C920:

The reason we have listed Logitech HD Pro C920 on top is that so far it is the best webcam to record youtube videos so far. In fact, this webcam is among those 1% webcams that are known to record 1080 pixels video. This webcam is known for its impressive video recording quality.

Logitech HD Pro C920

The webcam is best for Youtubers who want to record gaming videos or streamers. The video quality is such that it doesn't feel like it has been recorded via a webcam. The main reason why you should choose this webcam is that there fewer cons and more advantages.

Specifications and Pros:

Automatic focus.

You can record a video with 1080p resolution at 30fps.

You can tilt or pan the video whenever you want without compromising the video quality.

It can be mounted on a tripod stand.

It provides fast video processing.

Much cheaper than other webcams.

Compatible with a USB microphone.

Cheaper than other webcams ($).


Just like any other webcam, Logitech C922 does not have a good microphone. You need to speak very loudly to deliver your voice in the video.

The webcam doesn't have the zoom option. You would require a digital zoom for this model as well.

2- Logitech C922 Pro Stream:

After the success of Logitech C920, the company launched another version of this webcam, the C922 Pro Stream. The features and specifications including the video quality of both these versions are the same. But the C922 comes with more and better features for YouTubers and vloggers.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream
Specifications and Pros:

Automatic focus.

You can record a video with 1080p resolution at 30fps. Plus it can also record 720p at 60fps.

You can tilt or pan the video whenever you want without compromising the video quality.

It can be mounted on a tripod stand.

Compatible with a USB microphone.

It has a feature that helps to remove the background.

You can get a 6-month XSplit license if you buy this webcam from Amazon.


Bad microphone quality.

Digital zoom.

More expensive ($$) than C920.

Background removal is not perfect and could not replace a green screen completely.

2- Logitech C930e:

Another alternative and the newest version of the Logitech C920 is C930e. Logitech has launched this webcam in 2019. This version or model of Logitech webcam is almost similar to the previous two versions. In Fact, it is the C920 with a small.

Logitech C930e
Specifications and Pros:

As this webcam has all the features of the previous two versions, so let’s just skip them and take a look at the features that new in this model.

The Logitech C930e comes with a UVC H.264. Though it's a small up-gradation but its a huge relief for the vloggers. Having a UCV H.264 means that vloggers and YouTubers do not require any computer processing for the encodings. The webcam will be able to process all the encodings.

Unlike the previous two models, Logitech has introduced a 4x Zoom option with a wider 90-degrees pan feature.


Though Logitech has introduced the 4x zoom in this version it still lacks the optical zoom.

Logitech C930e is much slower than C920 & C922.

It has compatibility issues with the computer as well.

Very expensive ($$$).

4- Logitech Brio Webcam:

Another webcam by Logitech is the Brio Webcam. This is the most advanced webcam by the Logitech company so far. The company has added some new and brilliant features in this webcam for the vloggers and YouTubers. This webcam is best for someone who wants to create high-quality content and does not want to do much editing.

Logitech Brio Webcam is the new benchmark for the webcams in the market. And why wouldn't it be? When it has so many great and advanced features, that not only bloggers would love but also fascinate other consumers as well.

Specifications and Pros:

For the first time, Logitech has introduced the 4k ultra high definition camera.

This webcam offers a 5x Digital Zoom.

Very High frame rates to ensure stunning & high-quality videos.

Brilliant video recording and performance under any kind of light or in other words great low-light performance.

HDR as well as the Right Light 3.

It also has a fast and secure facial recognition feature.

You can easily customize your camera settings.


Though Logitech Brio is an amazing and creative innovation by Logitech company, it still fails to offer the best microphone. Moreover, the webcam is quite expensive and it's not of use for someone who is not familiar with webcams.

5-Creative Labs Senz3D:

The Creative Labs Senz 3D webcam is an innovative technology that opens new possibilities. It could be another good option to record your videos. Its features are limited but they are advanced and ensure a good quality video.

Specifications and Pros:

Facial and gesture recognition.

Produces a 3D visual.

Background removal.

Voice Control.

720p at 60fps and 1080p at 30fps.


Bad quality microphone.

Expensive ($$$).

What is a good camera for YouTube videos?

After comparing the features and specifications of 5 different webcams, it now points when we talk about which one would be the best for you. Though every other webcam has its own unique features and offers different benefits, the Logitech C920 is so far the best for beginners and new bloggers.

You would need a separate microphone, no matter which webcam you buy. So why not buy a webcam that is not only cheaper but also cost-effective?   C920 is the only option in the list that can record 1080p at 30fps without compromising the quality.

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your webcam, you can switch to Logitech brio or the Creative Lab Senz3D. But if you have to choose between the two webcams then we would recommend you to go for the Logitech Brio Webcam.

Get yourself a webcam today, and start your Youtube channel and flaunt your talent. Happy vlogging!