Complete Battery Reconditioning Guide

What is battery reconditioning?

Today we are using more and more portable devices than the fix station based options. No matter if it is our phones, laptops, cars and other gadgets we use to have batteries everywhere. To have the portability usage and make things work for long these are the ultimate options that we have. The usage of these batteries helps us to do many more things than expected. We can take our gadgets to anywhere easily.

All the batteries we use have a limited time span. After some time these batteries have a difference of performance that we can observe widely. In this regard, we need to give these batteries a boost. Some people think that chargeable batteries can only be charged but in actual we can reboot or recondition them for longer use.

Easy battery reconditioning helps us to make the use of these batteries for a long time. The reconditioning refers to charge the batteries substances with rechargeable ions which help to improve its performance and gives you a long battery life again. It is just like making your battery as good as new. It is not charging but a kind of renewal of your batteries.


Why you should recondition batteries?

Commonly when we purchase any product that is chargeable or comes with a battery, we charge it at first. The first time battery is new and not charged so we plug it to charging. After getting it fully charged we use it and charge as per requirement and the procedure continues. It is a battery charging and recharging cycle which keeps the battery in a healthy state for a long time. After some time, the battery stops giving you much performance after every charge and we consider it as the slow death of the battery in fact which is not.

Batteries do have a life and after that, it is not possible to retrieve them but they do not have a short span of life. You do have the option to make them work for long. Ez battery reconditioning secret is the one that lets you make the use of your batteries for long. All you need is to get the recondition at the right time and you will be good to go. Here are some benefits that you can get from the reconditioning of batteries:

Using the original batteries for long

It is a fact that you will be able to get the duplicate batteries easily. However, these are not as good as the new ones. The recommendation is to keep the things original and real. As far as you are using the original batteries, you will enjoy a good time. The reconditioning helps you to make significant improvement overall. You can have the best user experience with the same batteries. Out of multiple benefits, it is one of the real benefits that let you be on the safer side.

No effects on device performance

Not all the secondary batteries from the third parties are good enough for the device. It is not possible to get the original batteries all the time. Moreover, the replaced batteries do have an effect on the devices. You there is a possibility of an effect on the device’s performance for a reason. In this regard, you need to have only the original product. Reconditioning of batteries can help you to save the device along with batteries.

Keeping the pocket light

It is a fact that we are using multiple rechargeable devices. These devices help us to be efficient in our lives. Getting new batteries after a short span seems heavier on pockets. You will have to purchase the batteries that can get you out of the budget as well. Therefore, the best way is to maximize the consumption limit of the existing batteries. It helps you to avoid further expenses and keep the things in your budget range.

Recycling for environment

It is not just about saving some bucks on your side but to be environment friendly as well. The fewer batteries you will use the less waste will be there. It helps you to recycle the batteries frequently. Moreover, it helps with better environment initiatives and much more positivity.

Things you need to recondition batteries

To get started with the battery reconditioning you need to prepare yourself first. It is not a random task that you can do at your place without any preparation. There is certain equipment that you need to have with you. Before getting started with the easy batter, reconditioning it is necessary to know about these things. When you are familiar with the required material and equipment, you will be able to use them and will get the best results.

Battery reconditioning charger

The very first thing you need to have is the battery-reconditioning charger. It is one of the high-end devices that are made using multiple microprocessors. Thee microprocessors combine to identify the battery charge condition and evaluate whether it is good to go with reconditioning’s or not. The charger also helps to identify the life or death of a battery as it is necessary to know before getting started with the charging. Lately, the charger do help to start up the reconditioning procedure and keep the things in line for a good reason.

Battery reconditioning Epsom salt

It is not just the battery-reconditioning charger that can be used for the battery desolation. On the other hand, we can have another best ingredient tool that is Epsom salt. Battery reconditioning Epsom salt is one such amazing thing that helps you to restore lead acid battery easily. Remember, for the restoration or reconditioning of batteries you will have multiple options and tools to use. Therefore, either you can have all of them or one of them depends on the type of batteries you the dealing with.

Reconditioning a battery using the Epsom salt seems a time taking task sometimes. It is efficient to recondition and revive even the dead batteries but the procedure can take a few weeks or more as well. Sometimes it comes with failure and does not give you the desired results. However, in the end, it will all be good and you will have some conclusive results as well


When you are working on the small batteries then you need syringes to pass the distilled water through the battery cells. It requires a bit of precision when you are working with the batteries specifically small batteries. Therefore, syringes help you to have an adequate amount of substance and inject it at the right point for the right results. It is a safe side option for you as a whole that helps in the proper maintenance of a battery.

Distilled water

The specific water for batters with active ions and reactive particles gets you back when it comes to recharging or reconditioning the batteries. It is one of the essential components you can use in the reconditioning of batteries easily. On the other hand, the distilled water is a lighter version of original water and does not have much of impurities that remain in the water even after boiling.


Another most important device you need to have with you is the voltmeter. The tool helps you to have the ultimate inspection of battery voltage and charge. It measures the current a battery is producing and responds with the readings. You can have the idea about how much batter is alive and what needs to be done later with it.

Assemble everything properly

When you are going to get started with the battery reconditioning then make sure you will have all the equipment. Without any of these, it will not be possible for you to get started. Make sure you have kept all the things in line so you will be able to access and use these on time. It is important that once you have started then you will have all the things with you. In case you will not be able to manage the things, you will have to face issues later.

Types of batteries that you can recondition

In a number of devices, cars, gadgets and other things have multiple types of batteries. Not all of these batteries are able to recondition such as the small cell batteries that are not rechargeable at all. We can only revive the batteries with the ability to recharge. In addition, sometimes there are other restrictions attached to the battery reconditioning.

Here we have some of the batteries that you can recondition easily. These are the batteries with the best backup and all of these are the rechargeable ones. You can simply have the best use of these batteries and save your money from buying the new one.

Battery Types

  • Car batteries
  • Computer and phone batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Long life batteries
  • Batteries used in alternative energy systems
  • Other types of lead-acid batteries
  • Deep cycle marine batteries
  • Golf cart batteries
  • Forklift batteries


How to recondition batteries?

Here comes the start of the major task. You can know about the batteries reconditioning and gone through the tools for that as well. Now, you need to get started with the reconditioning. It is a time taking and patience required task but in the end, it will worth having the pain. Therefore, you have a number of options in batteries. Same as in reconditioning batteries you will have multiple options. All you need is to get the right thing done at the right time. Here we are discussing some of the common and resourceful batteries that you can recondition on your own.

How to recondition a car battery

Replacing a car battery is expensive. You cannot just buy a new one for the care, as the previous one is not working. Therefore, reconditioning is the cheapest solution that you can have at the time. Let us start your own ez battery-reconditioning program that will help you to save your car for long and have the best results as well. To get started you need to have a battery charger, voltmeter, distilled water and syringe.

  • Remove the battery from the car
  • Now remove the rubber caps from the top, these can be 6 to 7, more or less depends on battery size
  • Now add the distilled water to the cells of the battery to recharge it instantly.
  • After adding, the distilled water does not put the caps back yet, in fact, let the battery charge for about one hour.
  • When you will see bubbles coming out from the holes then you can put the caps back.
  • In case there are no bubbles in the holes then you need to reverse the positive, negatives wires, and wait a bit.
  • When you will see the bubbles now then put the wire in their original position and change is for about half an hour.
  • For more effective reconditioning, you can replace the acid in the battery as well. All you need is to mix the acid with distilled water and charge the battery for a few hours.
  • You can check the battery voltage using the voltmeter and battery charger to find out whether it is fully charged or not.
How to recondition a sealed car battery

Most of the lead acid batteries are the sealed ones. It is not possible to recondition them easily by using the random old method. You need to have specific equipment and follow some directions to do the task effectively. Here are some easy steps to follow that can help you to get the job done easily.

What you need:


Before getting the start, you need to have the equipment and safety tools. Make sure to have a 3cm syringe, voltmeter, battery charger, crocodile cords and distilled water. To make yourself safe you need to have goggles and chemical gloves. Make sure you will not touch the liquid coming out of battery, as it is the acid.

  • First of all, you will remove the top flat cover from the battery using a flat screw driver. It is a little tricky and you need to be careful to remove it without damaging.
  • Now you will have three holes under the cover, make sure to remove the rubber caps from the holes.
  • Now take the voltmeter and measure the battery voltage. It will help you to know the battery’s internal state for sure.
  • Now using the syringe you need to add distilled water in the battery. You may have to insert the syringe a few times to make it fill. Let the water come out of the holes.
  • Now again you can check the voltage of the battery and there will be an increase in it. In case there is not an increase or much increase, you do not have to be worry
  • Now to mix water with the acid in dry cells we need to charge is wit 12 volts initially using the battery charger.
  • Once the charging starts there will be bubbles coming out of holes. If there are, no bubbles coming out we will reverse the positive, negative, and wait for about 2 or 3 minutes.
  • When the bubbles coming out from the holes like boiling we will remove the reviser chance and bring it back to its normal condition.
  • Now you need to remove the excess of water from the battery using a syringe and let it charge
  • Do not cover the hole with rubber caps until will voltage reaches to 6.9v. Keep checking it every 1 hour to have the right inspection on the battery.


Hybrid battery reconditioning

Hybrid batteries are one of the popular batteries of the present age. People love to have hybrid products as these help them to make a real difference in the whole thing. In order to keep things in good balance, it is necessary to maintain the hybrid battery properly. Hybrid battery reconditioning is one of the parts of its maintenance. It helps you to reduce the expenses and make the use of the original battery for long. Here we have the procedure to follow in reconditioning of the hybrid battery.

  • Firstly, you need to charge the battery until the voltage stops rising and it is full. It is recommended to be in full balance but not mandatory. If the voltage raising stopped but balancing is not done even then you can turn off the charging.
  • Now you need to discharge the battery to 0.8V per cell
  • Afterward, charge the battery again to voltage stop rising
  • Again discharge the battery but to 0.6V per cell and then charge it again until stop rising
  • Discharge the battery to the 0.5V per cell
  • This time let the charge run for about 4 to 6 hours until the voltage stops rising and the pack is balanced
  • Now disconnect the charger and rest the battery for about 30 minutes before using it in the device or vehicle.
  • Remember: make sure to disconnect 12V AUX battery before getting started so it will prevent any accidental discharge by interior lights.


Battery reconditioning business

For all the good reasons you can have your own ez battery reconditioning program or business as well. It will not only help you to be good at battery reconditioning but to earn some bucks. The reconditioning setup can give your potential profit with a good margin so you will be able to reach the right kind of financial status. It seems to be a small scale investment in the beginning and you will have more clients. Here are some steps to follow when you are getting started with the battery reconditioning business.

Get all the skills

Before getting started with the business, you need to pick up the best skill set. You can take up the ez battery reconditioning course. The course will help you to know more about the batteries and their reconditioning. Overall, it is a kick-start for you to have the best of knowledge about what you are going to do on a platform. Make sure to go through the ez battery reconditioning course reviews before enrollment. There can be scams out there and you need to avoid these scams for sure. The reviews will help you with the quality assessment and bring the right things to you.

Pack up the equipment

To have a successful battery reconditioning business it is important to have all the equipment. With all the quality and necessary equipment, you will be able to provide the ultimate services to the clients. Just make sure you have the designated tools for the golf cart battery reconditioning and other batteries as well. All the batteries from different devices and cars are different. Therefore, you need to have knowledge about these batteries and equipment as well. It lets you have the best growing business and ultimate customer satisfaction as well.

Practice what you have learnt

The next big thing you need to do is to practice what you have learnt. This practice will help you to know more about technical complications and their solutions. More you will explore the things with practice you will be able to solve the client’s problem as well. Make sure you are going to practice for all kinds of batteries including hybrid, dry cell, sealed and normal car batteries as well.

Start it professionally

Once you are done with all the homework and practice then it is the time to make a move for the professional setup. You need to place up your setup at a visible location with ultimate marketing that people will know about your business. It will help you to make a real move and have the business started on time.

ez battery reconditioning scam

Most of the people consider that ez battery reconditioning is a scam. It is hard to evaluate whether it is a scam or a reality. ez battery reconditioning scam put many questions to the reconditioning and its procedure. There are ez battery reconditioning reviews that claim it to be a fraud but it is not.

Battery reconditioning is simple science that one can follow to use and reuse batteries easily. It lets you save some bucks on your side and get rid of the dead batteries around. There can be reservations in the procedure but it is not a total scam. Here are some points you need to consider about the battery reconditioning:

Never work in all cases

It is not necessary that reconditioning will work for all batteries and all cases. The procedure is helpful to rescue the batteries but not all of them. Some of the batteries are not in a condition of revival. These are not designed that way or have been in use under some unfavorable conditions. So, a thing can go wrong but it is not a scam at all for the people out there.

Procedure Takes time

Battery reconditioning is not a fast track procedure. It takes time and gets things slower as well. You should have an idea about the time consumption in the procedure. All the batteries have different structures and take time on their own. You cannot recondition all the batteries at once. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes days as well. You may get the battery to recondition within a few days or a week after going through so many processes.

Every Battery has a life cycle

Ez battery reconditioning review tells us that every battery has a life. It is not obvious that all the batteries will have the same lifetime and will be able to retrieve easily. It is all based on how you have been using the battery. Therefore, in reconditioning you need to consider the important point of a battery’s life. It can take a lot of time or sometimes no success in retrieving or reviving a battery. It is normal for batteries and there is no scam involved in this scenario. Referring to this situation to a scam will not be a justified action at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that frequently asked by the people about battery reconditioning. It is necessary to know about these questions so you can have the reconditioning easily. These questions help you to make things better and nice. Let’s know the answers to the common questions that help in saving time and getting better with the practice.

Does reconditioning batteries really work?

Yes, it is always not a good idea to spend on new batteries for multiple reasons. No matter if, it is your car’s battery or any other rechargeable battery option. When you have the facility to recharge and resume using the old one then you need to fix that first.

How do you recondition a battery?

For battery, reconditioning you will be able to find the easy and quick options. You just need to pick up the one feasible option for you. Make sure the option you are going to choose is a safe option and do not have any reactions to the surroundings.

It is safe to recondition batteries?

As far as you are concerned about the safety options then yes. You need to ensure that all the required things available with you. There should be safety clothes and you should have an idea about all the electrolytes. It is commonly a safe process but a careful one as well.

Do I need to recondition batteries in a close space or open space?

Controlled environment for the battery reconditioning is a better option. The reaction by any other component can cause some unwanted results in certain cases. You need to make sure there should be a clean and controlled indoor space for the task.

Do I need to keep flammables away from the reconditioning setup?

The chemicals and substances in the batteries are highly flammable. There can be sparks and other things in it. You should not have any flammable or flame around. Mark the zone as no smoking and no lightning as well. Moreover, fewer people around will be better.

How long does reconditioning a battery take?

Ez battery reconditioning commonly takes 4 hours to complete. If the battery is totally used and dead then it will be on reconditioning status immediately when you start the procedure. However, to complete the procedure and get the battery working it will take almost four hours. It will not take more than that. Afterward, it will be ready to repair and you can revive the dead battery easily.

How to recondition batteries at home pdf?

It is not difficult to recondition batteries at home. Once you know the ez battery recondition secret and have the right equipment with you it will be easier to recondition them. All you need is to learn about what kind of batteries you have and how they work. Once it is clear then you will be able to make it right for yourself.

How to locate hybrid battery reconditioning near me

You can easily find a hybrid battery reconditioning business around you by searching the local directories. If you are not good with the directories then you can look for the information on social media. All the businesses are available out there to help you with the best of searches and easy acquisition.

ez battery reconditioning does it work?

Yes, the battery reconditions actually works for the batteries that are rechargeable and have a life in them. It may not be useful for some batteries in rare cases but as a whole, the method is ideal for recycling and saving the old batteries from dead or being trash for life.

Can we check the battery life before reconditioning?

Using tools like battery charger and voltmeter it is possible to check out if there is any spark in the battery or not. Checking the battery life status before starting up the reconditioning helps to identify whether it is worthy to proceed or not. It saves time and resources as well.

How to know if the battery reconditioning is a scam or not

In general, battery reconditioning is not a scam at all. It is a workable method to save your batteries. However, in some cases, you may come across the businesses that do not pass the life test on batteries before reconditioning. These are scammers, as they recondition battery without knowing its actual condition. Remember, it is not possible to recondition a dead battery all the time. In some cases, a miracle happens but not all the time. If you want to study more about batteries you can check Battery University… or battery world is also a good resource for batteries.

One Funnel Away Challenge

People easily get over whelmed, when they are new to Clickfunnel. Some very easy going people may feel it a little difficult at first try. But, after knowing a little bit they will easily know how to get going. Afterwards you will have absolutely no doubts at all about, how exactly to use it to take your business to the next level. I am not saying that it is very hard to understand but it’s somehow requires a little bit of practice.

There are so many ways to use click funnels, for example selling your own product, creating funnels for clients or promoting it as an affiliate. So it becomes hard for people to choose between these three things that’s why you have seen many people in Facebook groups of click funnels asking which of them is the best and most profitable.

So the answer to this question is ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE. 

This course have been purchased by me three times quite recently and it really changed my business. In this review, I am going to tell you what you will actually get from this challenge and how it will help you.


In this One funnel away challenge review we will talk about

  • Introduction to one funnel away challenge
  • Reasons why I got one funnel away challenge thrice
  • Other things you will get from this challenge
  • Additional information about one funnel away challenge
  • Final thoughts

Introduction to One Funnel Away Challenge

It’s a 30 days program, where you will be guided by 3 mentors Russell Branson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian on how to launch your first funnel.

The whole course consist of 5 modules for 5 weeks long lessons.

Russell obviously, is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and the videos of him in the challenge are focused on telling you the right procedure and the reason of that days task.

Julie Stoian, who is a Millionaire business woman, is the 2nd guide. Her videos are focused on teaching the right procedure of doing business. She does so by guiding each step in her videos to teach you how to execute what Russell tries to explain.

And at last, the 3rd teacher is Stephen Larsen. He guides through live group calls and basically evaluates your progress. If you know Stephen from any of his podcasts, you'd be familiar with his energetic personality that makes things all the more fun.

The first week which is going to be the pre-training to make your mind ready for the upcoming challenges.

In next 4 weeks you will get links of lessons in your inbox. It is very important to follow all these links step by step or in order to understand it completely. You will also get homework to do so they can assure, you are exactly doing, what you learn.

Things you will learn from one funnel away challenge

Here’s a map to guide you about challenge


Inside funnel hacker community , one funnel away challenge is hosted. And the best thing about this platform is you can interact with your fellow OFA participants and in this way you can also get help to complete your daily challenges.

Reasons why I got one funnel away challenge thrice 

So last November, I have bought one funnel away challenge  (hard copy) for $100.The book has a set of instructions by 30 winners of “Two Comma Club”, who were given the task to rebuild their businesses all over again after losing everything, they had to create a start-up from nothing.And it was really an amazing book. Oh! did I forget to tell the interesting thing?

Apart from this 30 day challenge, I got daily emails about my daily missions which I had to do but my lazy ass didn’t do it! lol.

But when I got time I saw all videos. I remember the first one which was named as “ offer hacking” and it was really an eye opening video. I learned so many things from these videos. Aah! did you know at the end of the 30 days all videos will be taken off.

So, here I am going to tell some of the lessons which I remember from one funnel away challenge and that are totally worth it.

  • First mission of week 1: offer hacking I found this mission quite difficult. In this mission I had to check what other famous businesses are doing by viewing their ads  on Facebook or on any other social site.
  • What's particularly interesting about this lesson is that it applied the idea of Chrome Extension that I had been thinking about.
  • Fourth mission of week 1: the lost art of the visual I always had an idea that designs are important. As I am not a designer, so I have never paid much attention to it. So, this lesson tells the importance of designs to stand out in the market.
  • So, that’s exactly what I did, I hired a designer to make designs for me. So my funnel may look more appealing.
  • Second mission of week 2: the epiphany bridge I already knew about this because I had read expert secrets book. But I have never implemented this.This lesson hit me really hard that I really started incorporating stories in whatever I wrote.
  • So I’ve been practicing a lot from then and now you guys may  have noticed that I add stories in my every writing.
  • This 30 day challenge really changed my mind. I was doing so many mistakes and blunders in selling my product but one funnel away challenge guided me.
  • Second edition of this book was launched in January and guess what? Who immediately bought it again? Oh yes, it’s me because I didn’t want to lose my hands on this great book.
  •  I admit that I bought this book second time because of that cool one funnel away challenge kit.
  • And third time? Lol and third time I purchased this book just to get my hands on Amazon affiliate boot camp offer.

Other things you will get from this challenge

One of the things that Russell always do and teaches is bonus stack and you will see this in one funnel away challenge.

You will get a very beautiful physical package challenge kit on your door step. I was really excited when I got my kit because that design really attracted me a lot.


Isn’t it beautiful?

So these are the things you will find inside the package.

A hard copy of 30 days challenge this book consist of 550 pages and will guide you how to start over again if you have lost everything. This book is really breath taking and very informative.

You will also get spiral bound workbook of one funnel away challenge

Inside this book you will find a list of your daily tasks. This notebook will help you to complete your daily challenges. There is also a lot of space to note down your ideas and links of videos of daily challenges.

You will also find an MP3 player inside the package. All the daily trainings by Russell Branson, and all the live sessions by Stephen that he did during first challenge are recorded inside this Mp3 player. And the best thing is you can listen these recordings anytime anywhere.


Additional information about one funnel away challenge

Price of one funnel away challenge

One funnel away challenge will cost you $100 and if you also want challenge kit then you have to pay for shipping too. If you live in US shipping will cost $19.95 and if you live outside the US it will cost you $29.95 .

You can also get digital form of OFA, but it doesn’t have kit.

Is there any guarantee available?

Yes money back guarantee is available if you return the challenge kit with in 30 days of it’s arriving. You will get your $100 back. But I think it’s stupid thing to do because shipping have already cost you so many dollars.

Does OAF have any affiliate program?

Yes it has an affiliate program. I guess it is the best affiliate program I’ve ever come across because it gives 100% commission. You can literally cover up forth money you have paid for your own challenge kit.

All you have to do is sell one OAF kit to someone and get your $100 back.It is very easy to sell as it is the best clickfunnels training.

Final thoughts

I will strongly recommend you one funnel away challenge kit. Because it’s very informative. It will help you to create a best funnel to earn a lot of money. I had so many great moments while reading it. I immediately applied all the lessons to create a best funnel.

The thing which I liked the most is that it is an affiliate program that you can literally earn $100 on each challenge kit you sell to someone.

100 dollar for one funnel away challengers

It may be expensive for some people but it totally worth it. Get your hands on this amazing one funnel away challenge kit as soon as possible and learn the best ways to create a best funnel and earn money by affiliating with it.

Convertkit Review : Best Marketing Automation Tool

What is Convertkit

The explorer of such a splendid invention is Nathan Barry who created ConvertKit truly out of his own need. However, in early 2013 Nathan desired to get out of selling one time info products and shape a business with periodic revenue. We can say long story short, he decided to build a tremendous email marketing tool that was easy to use.

After an immense struggle of 3 years, he made his dream real. As it wasn't an overnight success, it took a huge learning curve. Due to this, ConvertKit was making around $125,000 a month in recurrent revenue.

Reasons for switching of Online Creators To ConvertKit

1. Sharing right offers to the right people

ConvertKit categorizes your subscribers based on tags rather than lists on providers like AWeber. This reason make it quite user friendly and cost effective when you are planning to add a number of your subscribers for an occasion or a product.

On other hand lets take an example of providers like AWeber, in order to create new lists you have to bear more cost. Using ConvertKit, you can tag email subscribers on the basis of their approach like their deeds and comforts.

2. Improvement in email deliverability rate

Deliverability is basically the ratio of the number of email addresses actually the subscribers, that receives your email compared to the quantity that you sent it to.

Every email provider tries his best to avoid bounce. i.e when you send an email to an individual and it fails to deliver to desired email address. Bounce use to be of two types, a soft bounce occurs when recipient fails to receive email due to full inbox, on other hand or a hard bounce occurs due to an error. Online creators consider deliverability as #1 concern.

Factors affecting deliverability:

Subscribers engaging with your emails.

Sending to fake recipients having fake email address make your reputation weak in front of ISPs and might harm your deliverability.

How to Improve deliverability?
    Consistently clear email lists to eliminate inactive email addresses.
    Try to avoid buying email lists as majority of the email addresses are suspicious.
    To avoid your emails falling in spam folder, try to make light deign.
    Use simple designs or no design at all to avoid your emails reaching to spam or the promotions tab.
    Use attractive captions to engage your subscribers.
    Use dual opt-in for subscribers.

No one can gaurantee the exact deliverability rate for any email marketing software as deliverability is dependent on factors like the content you’re sharing with your subscribers.

As per a recent test to check the deliverability of various services, ‘EmailToolTester’ conducted a series of tests like sending similar emails using different tools, ConvertKit appeared to be the top with an average deliverability of 92.1%.

However there is no 100% assurance on the deliverability of ConvertKit emails. But it assures you that ConvertKit takes deliverability very seriously and are further taking various initiatives to make sure your emails land in your desired destination.

Low rate of deliverability is definitely something no one should like it, as when emails fail to reach its proposed recipients are bad for business.

As you are losing money on two fronts: the amount that an individual pay to email service provider (ESP) turn into a waste and you will surely lose good profits from your subscribers.

One of the main reason for switching of ‘When Pat Flynn' from Infusionsoft to ConvertKit, was that majority of his subscribers were not getting his emails. He was sending them consistently but they failed to reach them.

3. Unparalleled customer care service

ConvertKit comes with best sales service support through live chat and email. They also make sure the provision of video tutorials and other relevant supporting documentation.

The supporting documentation will guide you about most activities that you might want to perform on the email software. It contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) by end users and relevant answers to them.

In majority cases, you will not feel any desire for customer support agents with the documentation. But in case you find it confusing, feel free to contact using live chat option that is always available.

How to get yourself register for ConvertKit

30 days free trial: ConvertKit is offering a free trial of 30 days which is applicable for up to 1000 subscribers but for availing such an opportunity, you just have to register on the website. You initially need to enter your email address and your desired password.


You will come across the dashboard after signing up on the website where you can perceive the features and functions.

Account approval is necessary 

You can go through all the features like tags, sequences, and broadcasts. Afterwards, you will be able to start building funnels. In ConvertKit, the primary task is that you have to approve your account if you want to send emails to your subscribers.

How to approve your account 

For this purpose, you are required to send your blog link to ConvertKit before you can approve your account. They need to check your blog just to make sure that you have a real platform.

Tutorial on account related steps

At the right side of the page, you will find a checklist that entails a tutorial on how you can accomplish important actions regarding your account.

Packages and Pricing

When you approach 7500 users, then the pricing on ConvertKit turns out to be pretty clear. The pricing is as:

1000 subscribers 

The charges are $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers.

3000 subscribers 

The charges are $39/month for up to 3,000 subscribers.

5000 subscribers 

The charges are $79/month for up to 5,000 subscribers.

10,000 subscribers 

The charges are $119/month for up to 10,000 subscribers.

20,000 subscribers 

The charges are $179/month for up to 20,000 subscribers.

35,000 subscribers 

The charges are $259/month for up to 35,000 subscribers.

50,000 subscribers 

The charges are $379/month for up to 50,000 subscribers.

100,000 subscribers 

The charges are $679/month for up to 100,000 subscribers.


ConvertKit is well-knownfor its integration tools. As they automatically integrate with lots of tools. This fundamentally means that you can practice the ConvertKit API and plug it into a 3rd party tool. The leads will get pulled in “magically” to your account and you can start drip campaigns without your contribution.

You can also avail a proper list of integrations that is placed on ConvertKit website. If there doesn’t exist a direct integration, still  you have a lot of other combinations like they integrate with Zapier..

Frequently Asked Questions

How virtuous is the customer support?

They offer a live chat option that I have used. Due to which I found the customer support is certainly good. If they are not accessible via live chat, you can email them and they typically get back in a pretty timely manner. I didn’t find any big issues with the support.

Can they help you in migrating from old service provider?

Yes of course, they will transfer all of your subscribers for you, but they will also facilitate by creating all the forms you need and place on your website as needed in order to make certain your transition over is actually smooth. They will also transfer any campaigns that you had on your old provider so that you don't have to recreate them manually.

What is the price comparison relative to other email tools?

The pricing is pretty similar. Some options might be cheaper as there are hundreds of options out there but there are absolutely much more expensive options.

How several lead magnets can I generate and distribute through ConvertKit?

You can make unlimited number of lead magnets or downloads that ConvertKit will deliver impeccably to your customers. The way they have everything set up makes it truly easy to have dozens (or more) of freebies that lead to the exact same list if you want.

Does ConvertKit entails options aimed at single or double opt-in?

Certainly, when you generate your opt-in forms you have the option to involve that the subscriber get a verification email first before they are added to your list. Single opt-in is probable to lead to more overall subscribers, but double opt-in is expected to lead to more confirmed or verified subscribers.

Is ConvertKit worth the cost?

I've been using email automation tools since a long time, and I'm a contented customer of ConvertKit. I think the cost of an email marketing tool is an essential expense for an online business, and ConvertKit is a great opportunity at a fair price.


At the end of such an amazing writing, ConvertKit is a great email and marketing automation tool that contains all the features that a serious blogger and business owner would need to help automate their business.

With an unlimited amount of campaigns and lead forms that you can create and an easy to use interface, you can spend more time growing your business than worrying about how to make your email provider “work”.

The best part is that you can start a 14 day free trial (with no credit card required) so you can check out what ConvertKit looks like from inside.

Aweber Review : Is It Still Worth Using?

The most popular auto responder service in affiliate marketing and bulk email marketing software is Aweber. I'm in fact still a subscriber of Aweber for many years now as their reliable service made me impressed all the time.

What’s the point in using Aweber? Firstly, I will talk about myself that what got me using Aweber? It is just because all the top marketers were using and recommending it. Now, after many years, I still come across in my inbox and I see that the mainstream of my preferred bloggers are still using Aweber like Brian Dean and Ana Hoffman.

Aweber has been considered the slowest of the email service providers to grip the new tendency of marketing automation. Their new campaigns characteristic adds some straightforward tagging and click tracking. But in general, their automation features actually lag behind the others.

What is Aweber?

The word rock-hard will describe Aweber efficiently. Aweber is a practically easy bulk email marketing software to use. They freshly revise their user interface with better and bigger fonts along with buttons in order to present it with the purpose of additional up to date look. The site presents step by step wizards for every necessary function which makes it pretty simple to get around.

Web form editor

Web form editor

Aweber's web form editor is one of the better ones offered yet. Web forms are incredibly customizable and most interesting feature is that every facet on your form can be customized or modified. You can initiate your form from scratch, or pick from one of the many templates as starting points.

Drag and drop editor

A drag and drop editor is also at hand for the purpose of publishing emails. Special modules can be crashed in to compose great looking html emails. You also obtain access to a upright selection of stock photos which can facilitate give your newsletters that extra energy.


The Aweber autoresponder is pretty customary. It permits you send time based emails which means you can identify precise intervals at which each email in your follow-up series is sent.

Basic split testing

Aweber also includes basic split testing. You can generate different variations of your emails plus collect stats on every variation. It's not as sound implemented like ActiveCampaign or GetResponse, but it does the job.

Click and goal tracking

Aweber has click tracking as well as goal tracking which involves you to consign a fragment of code on your pages. Analytics are straight and will demonstrate a wide variety of stats and basic graphs which illustrates that who opened your emails, and on what links they clicked on. Aweber also has a very superior API which is why you notice a lot of 3rd party add on’s that work with it.

 Marketing automation

Aweber has been considered the slowest of the email service providers to grip the new tendency of marketing automation. Their new campaigns characteristic adds some straightforward tagging and click tracking. But in general, their automation features actually lag behind the others.

What is Aweber Communications?

Aweber Communications

Aweber Communications is one of the mainly recognized email service providers with over 115,000 customers and was launched in 1998. Their sustained success lies in their highly rated email deliverability and great customer support.

So why does AWeber’s popularity persist to decline?

New generations of marketers are merely demanding enhanced features to give them an edge in their business. Flourishing software rivals like ActiveCampaignDrip and ConvertKit are conveying those demands with advanced marketing automation capabilities.

But still, AWeber remains a decent choice for most businesses. If your email marketing needs are not that multifaceted, then you must give AWeber some consideration.

What are the leading features of Aweber?

Aweber being a bulk email marketing software offers you variety of other features which are here:

    It gives you the ability to import or host an email database
    You have an access to a wide range of templates
    Autoresponders can be automatically triggered
    It also constitutes some basic marketing automation functionality
    Responsive email designs are also accessible
    Reports are also available to get an overall picture of analytics
    Split testing involves sending e-newsletters to some of your mailing lists
    RSS / blog to-email functionality
    List segmentation options are also available
    You can also communicate through phone, email and live chat support
    Integrations with third-party apps are also installed

Let’s get an overview to Autoresponders

Autoresponders are generally a series of follow up emails that are automatically triggered by either time or user actions that are considered a key part of any e-marketing solution.

Autoresponders in Aweber was invented back in 1998 and because of this you would expect their autoresponder functionality to be incredibly good. Improbably it’s presently ‘okay’.

Plus point: The plus point of Aweber is that it is effortless to set up follow up emails that are based on time interval. For example, automatically sending subscribers an onboarding email immediately after sign up, a promo code 2 days later and a ‘follow us on social media’ email a week later is extremely easy. This is a typical use of autoresponders and it’s a breeze with Aweber.

On the down side, triggering autoresponders based on user actions and purchases is a bit more complicated than with key competitors Mailchimp and Getresponse.

Using Aweber, you can create ‘goals’ or combine automation rules with tagging to make autoresponders behave in quite funky ways…but if you want to make use of autoresponders in really advanced ways, you'll probably need to look at other products, particularly Getresponse, which provides ‘marketing automation' functionality that hooks up to a built-in CRM.

How to import data into Aweber?

import data into Aweber

A pretty straightforward affair in Aweber is importing an existing database into Aweber. You can upload the file types like XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, and TXT.

You can also add individual subscribers manually and the other way is to copy and paste rows of subscribers into Aweber.

Importing data: When you thought of importing your data, you are given the choice to add your subscribers to exacting set of autoresponders, and tag them.

Marketing automation

The feature that is offered all the time by email marketing solutions like Aweber is marketing automation. I judged it as ‘Autoresponders 2.0' in which you go ahead of traditional ‘drip' campaigns plus create complex user journeys using ‘IFTT' (if this, then that – style workflows).

How marketing automation works: You just need to design a flowchart with marketing automation where emails are sent based on user actions: email opens, link clicks, site visits, purchases made and so on.

Aweber Campaigns: A latest marketing automation feature recently introduced by Aweber provides this functionality of ‘Aweber Campaigns.‘ You can make use of certain user actions with this feature specifically opens and clickthroughs along with the application of tags just to determine what should be sent to whom and when.

Getresponse and Mailchimp are providing more flexibility when we talk about the types of user behavior that can trigger mailouts. But what I think is that this functionality needs to go a bit further really.

For example, let’s consider Getresponse, you can make use of triggers such as purchase, and specific page visits, subscriber ‘score' and sales pipeline stage to send messages.

So Aweber is absolutely playing a bit of catch up with its competitors here.

What else you need to know about Aweber? So let’s narrate everything you need to know about Aweber

Does Aweber comprise of any support for split testing?

Aweber had A/B testing support in the past meant for their broadcast emails. But I no longer see it there anymore. But you do have the option to split test your forms.

Are you capable enough to generate forms that support more complex fields?

Of course, Aweber permits you to add custom fields to your forms right from the editor. Besides your standard text inputs, you can also add select boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and date fields into your forms.

How sound does Aweber incorporate with other 3rd party services?

Every 3rd party tool I’ve ever used that integrates with an email service provider supports Aweber. This includes some of my favorite tools like Thrive Leads, LeadPages, and ClickFunnels.

Why Aweber is super service?

Feature # 01: Awesome customer support

Feature # 02: Simple Drag and Drop Campaign Builder for Autoresponders

Feature # 03: Create Multiple Forms per list

Feature # 04: Generate Tags based on Link Click

Features that Aweber is deficient of

Feature # 01: Where are the automations?

Feature # 02: Outdated Templates

Feature # 03: Charge for duplicate subscribers and unsubscribers

Aweber plans and their charges

Aweber is offering 5 plans out there. So the pricing structure is as follows:

    When you are hosting as well as emailing a list that contains up to 500 subscribers, then it will charge a fee up to $19 per month
    If your list of subscribers contain 501 to 2,500 subscribers, then this plan will charge you $29 per month
    If your list of subscribers contain 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers, then this plan will charge you $49 per month
    If your list of subscribers contain 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers, then this plan will charge you $69 per month
    If your list of subscribers contain 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers, then this plan will charge you $149 per month

Note: If your mailing list consists of more than 25,000 subscribers, you will need to call Aweber for a quotation.

Discounts: If you pay quarterly, then a discount of 14% is accessible. If you pay annually, then a 15% discount is accessible. There are also some discounts offered for students and not-for-profit organizations.

Free trial of Aweber

Free trial of Aweber

Best way to decide whether this product suits you or not is by availing its free trial. You can try the product free for 30 days here.

What are the final thoughts towards Aweber?

If we talk about email marketing space, Aweber was the market leader for so many years, and it is confusing why they languished and got passed by most of their competitors. On the other hand they are still practical in certain cases.

If you are a blogger or running a small business that has fundamental email marketing needs, then Aweber still remains a reasonable choice. You get both rock solid deliverability and great support in reasonably priced package.

However, if you are looking for an email service provider that’s going to develop with your business, then you may want to look somewhere else especially if you’re interested in adding more marketing automation into your business.





    Step by step wizards are installed for easy to use.
    But it incorporates with majority of third party tools.
    It has very trustworthy email delivery.
    It entails awesome support options.


    It does not have a lot of advanced autoresponder options.
    Aweber have basic split testing options.



We are going to take an in-depth review at one of the most accepted solutions for designing and sending HTML e-newsletters. You will see different aspects of Aweber by reading its features, price, marketing automation, and much more.

Helium 10 Review

An In-depth Review

People considered Amazon selling products as a revenue generation source. What we found online, multiple success stories which encourage starting Amazon FBA to become successful entrepreneur. No doubt selling online and be a success is possible but it is rather more confusing and tiring job to explore some basics and get them fixed in time to cut the crop in time. Wow! it is much easier now with Helium 10 …. excited! I am actually excited to share my personal experience with this new and beneficial product  that not only “Product Optimization Tool” but also helps to get target customers and make money out of a successful Amazon FBA startup. This new helium 10 review will help the new entrepreneurs who want to launch new product and get themselves involve with the optimization of their idea and product to reach the maximum customer. Through this you can not only complete the challenges but also find winning ideas that are impressive and help to build brand image and get your potential customers intact with you through Amazon. As well as you can get the better idea or understanding about the policy changes by Amazon and you can learn how to be a part of those successful entrepreneurs who are now making millions on selling products online.

What is helium 10?

Start selling with Amazon necessarily need complete product research that will help to stand out in the competitive market and a person gets success out of its selling. Helium 10 is advanced software that is featured to help the new startups who want to start with selling on Amazon. It is featured with product idea evaluation, keyword research, optimize product listing as well as provide assistance to track your success with online selling. By using this tool you can evaluate product idea that you are going to launch on Amazon and get complete insight about market and its scope. It is called helium 10 because it is coming up with 10 different impressive features, from which five or six are highly in demand and usually people use them frequently.

Features of Helium 10 

Helium 10 offered remarkable and beneficial features to a person who is new with Amazon and want to earn millions by selling products online.

New Product ideas 

With this new and advanced pack of helium 10 you can find out more about the products and ideas that are competitive and you will grab the audience and consumers quickly. It provides keyword research, all you need is to get one keyword and put it into the search bar and it will show up the results that help to find out the ratio of competitors available in the market with the same product idea as well as you can get the feasibility to be successful with this concept. With this unique keyword featuring you can find out more about potential market, their choices, priorities and to customize your product range and variety for near future.

Score results and evaluate 

You can run 10 results on Cerebro for a day, you can make a score results that will rate and evaluate the keyword according to the volume of search as well as products that usually have high rate of order placement and delivery. As well as you can get the right and exact search volume of that particular keyword. In this score you can view the competing products of same nature or the competitor one.

Build a keyword list and select product

With helium 10 you can easily find out about the high research keywords with respect to volume. This will lead you to have your own keyword list that further is utilized for the optimization as well. Helium 10 not only saves the time to spend on finding the one appropriate option as well as it helps to keep things streamlined. You can refine your product idea and endorse it well to capture the consumer interest into it. Helium 10 assists you from the start till end includes shipping arrangements, product nature, manufacturing and delivery cost, and any other aspects play role in the success of selling product on Amazon. Helium 10 is a complete-featured product for the Amazon FBA business setup.

How much is helium 10?

Helium 10 is a complete package for the product research and its implementation. It provides help and assistance by ‘assessment of the product' and ‘search required keywords' which plays an important role in optimization of a brand and its product for the consumers. Helium 10 cover all the steps starting from launching products and goes along with the future development and coming opportunities as well. You can track keywords that make your product on priority search. You can  keep an eye on the competitor’s policy and strategies. As well as create or optimize your list with the search engine. Users of Helium 10 are more than satisfied and they acknowledge the success and benefits of the package. The pricing of helium 10 is coming up with different subscription plans as well as it is available for free, but in free version you can only access 20 limited keywords. The quantity and quality of keywords package depends on the plan that you are going to choose.
Helium 10 subscription plan:
  • First, free subscription is available – track only 20 keywords
  • A la Carte monthly plan starts with $17 – $ 97 – track up to 2,500 keywords
  • Platinum monthly subscription is available in $97 – track 2,500 keywords
  • Diamond monthly subscription is available with $197 – track 5,000 keywords
If you choose A la Carte monthly subscription plan then you can add 20 keywords on your requirement, and every 20 additional keywords will cost you $57 per month.
You can get the following helium 10 features with the available subscription plans:
  • Black box – for product research
  • Magnet – keyword combination
  • Cerebro – find out competitor’s keyword policy
  • Frankenstein – for Amazon keyword processing
  • Xray – provide chrome extension of product research
  • Keyword tracker
  • Index checker
Helium 10 is one of the popular and effective Amazon selling instructors that is an appropriate choice for the new entrepreneurs who want to get started with the new idea and get revenue out of selling on Amazon. Helium 10 review provides information that it is a good option but there are multiple other alternatives also available with some effective features. For a newbie helium 10 with these multiple features is a good option. With black box you can track out more than 450 million products and their database in few seconds, as well as it provides you quick solution to filter the one product that will go well in the competitive market. Black Box Helium 10 On the other hand, helium 10 feature ,Xray browser is a chrome extension you can add it on the search engine. It has the Amazon product research feature as well as provide competitors insight. You can find out and validate the potential product opportunity. It will provide ethical source to track the product search. As well as with Cerebro you can identify and drive the refined keyword research as well as estimate the keyword search volume and potential. That will lead you to make your own product optimization strategy and your personal customized keywords list.

What is BSR Amazon?

BSR is known as Amazon bestseller rank which depends on the sales of the product. Amazon drags out the particular products historical sales data to find out about the specific product and rank them accordingly. What is BSR Amazon It is a complete updated optimized list that provides product listing with multiple pages. You can search a particular product for your new start-up or sell on Amazon by looking detailed insight into that list as well. The eligibility of a product for a best seller rank depends upon the number of recent sales and historical sales data and Amazon checks its relativity with the other products sales data in the same category. The product category is defined by the Amazon server and management system. If your product is listed in that BSR category that means you are successfully grabbing the consumers with your product and sales strategy. Getting a higher ranking does not need a lot of time on the site instead it is your strategy which will decide your ranking with the Amazon FBA system. Because evaluating system is not depending on the new or old listing of the products, but it is about the average number of sales through Amazon. If you want to get higher rank on the BSR list, then it is important for you to have the best-selling strategy. So if you are not getting it right now just change your strategy a bit to get good results. With the help of helium 10, you can locate and get the best research keywords to make yourself available for the buyers. You can also get the opportunity to know about a competitor’s keyword placement strategy. By applying the successful implementation of your strategy with the help of  helium 10 it is quite possible to get the higher place in Amazon Best selling rank. I am personally using helium 10 for the last 4 months, I am an old seller on Amazon with many successful products but this package helped me a lot in finding the keywords and their placement to make myself in the priority search option for my customers. In the nutshell I strongly recommend you to at least test it and I bet you will not be able to ever leave it for your later business. I am looking forward to share your helium 10 experiences, so come back later and share your ideas and about your experiences that how it helped you to promote your business on Amazon FBA.