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There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube that cover every sphere of life. from entertainment to information, from people to products, it has content for almost everything. This is why it becomes a second most used search engine after google. All the video relevant content you acquire can be found on YouTube easily. Affiliate marketing on YouTube is a thing. But what is it? how does it work? How it could be beneficial for you? Let’s discuss all your concerns regarding affiliate marketing on YouTube in this article.


Affiliate marketing is a strategy in which you promote other’s products and earn commission out of it. A piece of a profit you got by promoting someone else’s product.

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process in which you produce your video content and place the affiliate links into your video or in the description and create a video for a YouTube channel.

A typical channel on YouTube earns revenue by the advertisements displayed on their videos. In YouTube affiliate marketing, the video is designed in a way that has the aim for the audience to buy a product from a third-party site. Whenever a buyer buys that product via your link, you got the commission out of it.

How to apply affiliate marketing on YouTube?

To start a YouTube affiliate channel is an easy task. All you need is set up according to the nature of your videos you need to make. Here is a list that can help you to start a journey on YouTube.

Youtube Account Creation

First of all, you need Gmail account for YouTube. It is free to sign up. After sign up, access to the creator studio which will allow you to upload your videos on your channel. Here you can analysis your content, writes the descriptions, manage has tags, uploads the videos, etc. This is a place where you are going to spend most of your time.

 Associate account if needed

For affiliate marketing, you need to build the affiliate links first. For that, you need to connect with some affiliate networks. The popular one includes eBay partner network, Amazon associates and Shopify. Each network has its rate for their affiliations. The approval for such an account can be approved in a day to can take a couple of days, so do not worry.Enter your text here…

Video software

To make your videos, you need a video software or video editing software. If you are a beginner, you can make your simple videos with Wondershare Filmora Free . But if you want to produce good content with a bit more editing in it you need to switch to Adobe premier, camtasia studio , Edius Pro and alot of diffrents software on the plant in my suggestion Filmora9 is best and easy for beginners.

Computer for editing

For supporting such software for editing, you need a powerful processor and a big RAM on your computer. The old computer can crash the software again and again which will affect your video. By upgrading your RAM can be a good option as the export for the video takes good power and speed.

Supportive hard drive for video rendering

When you shoot your video, the data is raw and uncompressed. It took more space on your computer. When you add the uncompressed data on your editing software the file needs more space in the disk. So instead of going low on space upgrade your hard drive to at least 2 to 3 Tara bite. Saving in cloud storage is definitely not a good idea for that much data.

Webcam and microphone

The videos become more attractive when you shoot them in a conversational style. A webcam helps you with that. It helps to engage your audience with your video and your affiliate marketing got a plus. The microphone, on the other hand, helps in a clear conversation with your audience. If your voice or sound have a distortion in it, it will affect your viewership.In my recommendations the best mic for start


Nowadays the policies have changed for the footage. You cannot use someone else’s footage as you are violating the copyright policy. You need to generate your video content to earn from YouTube. So the basic camera is a necessity for you. The people are even using 4K cameras for their videos. But you can use a standard HD cam as well. if not, you can also shoot your videos with the cellphone’s camera as well. the video should have your content.

Does YouTube have an affiliate program?

That is a plus point for YouTube that it offers all the affiliate offers for the sellers and buyers. It gives a platform to the sellers to broadcast their product without restricting your niche. The affiliate programs allow generating your link which you can post or share on YouTube with your video.

There are some Pros and Cons as well, so let’s discuss them.

According to an estimation, by the end of 2019, 80 percent of the content available online will be the video content. With time the numbers will only grow. So, it means there is an opportunity for you to get hundreds of millions of views which eventually increases the revenue and make you money

Does YouTube have an affiliate program?


High growth

Greater number of audiences

  • 1,300,000,000 people are using and watching videos on YouTube per minute. Also, 5 billion videos are watched every day. So, doing affiliate marketing in such a big platform where you can get millions of watch minutes for your video is, I think the most massive thing for you.

Free to choose your content

  • You are almost free (excluding some adult products or gambling) to choose the offers and niche for which you need to start your affiliate channel on YouTube. All you need to do is to produce high quality, reliable and non-spammy content so your trust will be established among your audience.

Stable algorithm

  • The subscriber system of YouTube makes it a more stable search algorithm than that of Facebook. When the algorithm of Facebook changes, the organic likes on your page go down and the money you spend on it is also wasted.

Loyal audience

  • From the SEO point of view, you need a perfect keyword to get yourself in search engine ranking. So, use the most frequently used and relatable keywords for your product in a form of hashtags or your description or your title of your video.

SEO assisted

  • The subscribers on your page are the most loyal audience of your channel. If your subscribers have increased, it means you are going well and producing interesting content for your product. When you upload your video, e-mail and message on YouTube have been sent to your subscribers


Creating content is a challenge

  • The most important and crucial part of this whole scenario is to produce good content for your channel. It is not like you to hire a writer and produced your web pages. It includes the steps of production, how you are going to present it in your video. The compilation of your video which gives a proper message to your audience and helps you with your affiliate marketing is challenging. The creators who are not friendly with the camera get more hurdles in their ways.

Restrictions for linking YouTube with another website

  • It is a violation of the spam policy if you try to drive off people from YouTube to other sites through your content. So, avoid this if you do not want any restrictions or problems for your page.

Niche challenges

  • Videos for an easy niche like DIY videos are easy to make which create more competitors for you. It also takes the skills, significant about of time to do and energy.

Getting the traffic

  • How to attract people is a hard thing. You need to gather all the people who are the potential target for your niche, and which is going to promote your affiliate marketing. The traffic depends upon the search engine traffic.

How to get views for your videos

Quotation marks image 03 100K REVIEWS
Quotation marks image 03 100K REVIEWS

Your content makes you stand out in the crowd. You can practice such traffic gathering ideas like

Content quality

Good quality content always got the ranking on YouTube. If you have a good number of subscribers who have seen and shared your content within their circles, it is a high possibility of getting in trend soon.

Organic search ranking on google


The organic search on google can help people to find your content faster. All you need to do is to optimize yourself in the search engine. The keywords which are generally used to search your products can help you to get in top ranks in the search results. The videos or product does not worth your time and attention which get 10 to 15 searches per month. For sufficient traffic go for the keywords which have sufficient searching

Your subscribers

Your subscribers are the potential audience for your channel and behind a good reach of your video. So, you need to build a good subscriber number. The greater the number of the subscribers, the greater the views will get and the better the revenue will be generated.

Comments on video

To allow people to comment on your video is in your benefit. You will get to know what your audience is thinking or what they want to see in your video. Sometimes you can also get some brilliant ideas from your audience to make a viral content for your channel and your product. So, stay open to feedback.


The more people saw your content, the more they will share it in their circle if they found it informative. For example, if a person watched your video and can relate it with him or anyone of his circle, he will defiantly be going to share it with that person or a group of people. Resulting in more reviews and likes on your video.

Watch hours

Greater the number of people watching your content, the greater will be the time of watching you get for your video. Once your watch hours completed, you can start earning from your YouTube channel as well.

 Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes on the video show how good or bad people find this video. Good content always goes high in likes. It can be the analysis in the form of feedback from people.

Presences on social media

When you are done with your video sharing on YouTube, share the link on other social media platforms as well. you can use Reddit, Google+, Twitter or Facebook for the purpose. This will help to reach out to more people from different platforms.

Video related to YouTube

If you start with the content which is related to YouTube like “how to earn money from YouTube”, this will take more traffic to YouTube. From other sites, the people will be dragged towards YouTube and explore how they can earn from it. In that way, you are helping YouTube to attract more people towards it. The greater the number of people can watch, the greater the revenue will be generated by you both. So, if you are beneficial for them in promoting the content of their own, they will also promote you and support you

Search ranking on YouTube

You need to work on getting in ranking when it comes to your selected niche. Again, the usage of perfect keywords, the presentation, the techniques, etc., everything matters

 Your website

For a pro-level, you can make your website where you can share your YouTube videos and get the traffic from the website to your YouTube channel.

Consistency in uploading

To keep your subscribers on-board, you need consistency in your uploading. The people wait for the next video and want to know about it. So, keep your schedule on time and do not lose your consistency.

Proper titling of the video

The title of a video plays a very vital role as a person only clicks on it when he/she finds it interesting. Before going for the video, people judge the video by its tile you put it on. You can use simple click baits as well to attract more people towards your title. But do not go for intense and false click baits for your video as the bounce rate and dislikes of the viewer can affect your ranking and push your video more down. So, play safe


Design your thumbnails interesting and eye-catching. After reading a title, the viewer directly watches the thumbnail to decide whether the video is worth watching or not. The thumbnail should be designed in such a way that I should be stand out in a crowd. The text’s font, images you use in it should be relevant and eye-catching

Annotation and playlists

Annotations help you to create links within your video. This will help you to relate your previous work in your new video. When you have posted a bunch of videos relating to the same product or a topic, make a playlist of them. This will help the viewer to find the different parts of the same topic easily and he/she will start to watch the whole playlist to get more information

How can I become a good affiliate marketer? Tips for making great content

Making a video includes the production stages which includes the pre-production, production, and postproduction. It is always a learning process for a video maker. If you are new to this, you are going

Reliability with the product

When you are making a video specifically for affiliate marketing, it should be your product oriented. To sell an iPhone you cannot make a video on the latest shoes. The viewers are watching your video for the product’s sake. So do not mess with it

Avoid oversaturated or hateful videos

If you do not have sufficient content to present in your video, keep it short and simple. Do not repeat things again and again. Do not drag the information and long introductions.

Quality footage

Good quality of the footage is always admired. Shaky, poor quality do not attract people to see it. Even if you have a very strong content but the visuals are distorted and not complimenting your content, it is wasted. Your videos should be 720 HD at least. Above from it, you can go with 1080 and even 4k as well.

Proper mic

If you are making a voice over based video or a personnel video, the voice quality always matters. Cheap mics can make distortions which in result putt off the viewer. The voice should be clear. It should be blasting or below the hearing line.

Engage the audience

Interaction with your audience is one of a pro tip to engage them with you for a long period. Reply to their comments, address them in your videos, answer their e-mails. This makes a relationship with your viewer and they will admire your response to them.

Placement of affiliate links

You can simply put the links in your description or make an annotation in your video. Do not spam your video with too many links on it

Pre-production planning

For getting a good video production, you need to work for its pre-production. Plan out the stuff that you wanted to show to people. Make your shooting plan so you should not miss any element out of it. what kind of tome do you want? What visuals will support your content, etc? This practice will help you to shoot your video like a pro by excluding irrelevant materials out of it.

Finalize the type of video

Set your genre for your videos. What kind of video you are going to produce? Product reviews. A tutorial? Or tips to enhance beauty? You can experiment with all of such types and many others to experiment that what idea got more views on your channel.

Study your product first

When you have decided to do affiliate marketing, you choose a product for it. after selecting it, you should gather all the information regarding it. people can easily judge what kind of interest and knowledge you have regarding the product you are trying to sell.

Available affiliates for YouTube

For getting affiliate links in your video, you need an affiliate network. Each network has its requirements, products, and rates to connect with them. Hunt for the right network which will eventually increase your earning. Few top affiliate networks include:



eBay partner network pays you when you promote the products listed on eBay. You can sign up for the eBay if you are promoting their type items.



The commission-based earning you can get from Shopify which is solely based on sales. This network usually sells quite niche products (non-branded products).


Amazon Logo PNG 100K REVIEWS
Amazon Logo PNG 100K REVIEWS

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular and YouTubers go. They also provide the catalog for the products on which you need to start your affiliate marketing and have a good repute in the market.


Others include the custom affiliates which are specified with their product. Like, ThemeForest allows us to become an affiliate and refer people to their marketplace and earn money out of it.

Video content is going to take a huge part on the internet. So, you need to start now if you are thinking of affiliate marketing. YouTube itself has a competitive environment, so select your niche smartly. It is a smart move if you unified your YouTube channel with your website. It will help you with your traffic and also generate revenue. It will help you to engage different social media sites and reach out to more people through them. You can maintain relationships via e-mails or push notifications if you have a website. To get popular on YouTube, you need consistency and patience. It’s a rare case that a person got famous overnight. To stay focused and passionate about it. let the hard time pass and you will start to get paid from your efforts. With time, you need to expert your skills and need to improve your content, so your viewers or subscribers do not leave you behind. So good luck with your YouTube Affiliate Channel.CategoriesInternet Marketing

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