Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2020

Muhammad Waqar Yousaf

Affiliate marketing is a job which allows you to do work according to your mood and gives you the comfort zone. 

You don’t need to get up early in the morning, getting ready, catching the bus, stuck in the traffic and do the 9 to 5 job.  For this, you just have to get up when you want to leave the bed and just have to hold the laptop.

What you should expect?

Affiliate marketing is not a low-income job, you can earn thousands of dollars overnight.  If you are confused about the fact that whether you can earn a handsome amount or not then believe it. In this era of computer technology mostly people using different online tools to earn a huge amount. For example, YouTubers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, etc.

Purpose of Affiliate Marketing

The basic purpose behind the affiliate marketing is to promote a product of any company or in other words advertising a product. If we look at its definition it says “It is a process of getting a commission by promoting other company’s or retailer’s products or even companies. You select the product you like; you promote it to others and earn a specific profit for each sale that you make”. The products can be of any kind, it can be clothing, cosmetics and beauty products, books or anything and companies can also be of different kinds like construction companies, marketing companies and so on.Affiliate marketing is becoming a huge market in terms of making money online. In this era, when the internet is a part of everyone’s life due to its advantages, companies also analyzed and understand its importance in promoting and enhancing their business. As with this technology, now the companies can spread their message to a huge and diverse audience and can promote their product with minimum advertising or marketing cost.At the initial stage, it demands some time and patience to reach on a certain level. You need to find the retailers or businessmen and need to build up a relationship with them to do the marketing of their products. You have to expand your content list.Affiliate Marketer

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Due to its benefits, people are more interested to know more about this business. If you have the question in your mind that how do I become an affiliate marketer then the answer is here.If you have a desire to become an affiliate marketer, then, first of all, you have to create relationships with the publishers and customers.There are three main parties in this process, advertiser, publisher, and the customer.An advertiser in affiliate marketing is the organization or company with an item or product to sell. While the publisher is the affiliate marketer  , who is going to promote the product and third and the last one is the customer, who is going to purchase the product after seeing the publisher’s advertisement or reviewing the content of the publisher on that specific product.In this process, the advertiser gives a commission for promoting his product, to the publisher. This commission is not only given on the sales but it is also given on sending the heavy traffic to the website.To become an affiliate marketer, you need to search for a product which is in demand. If the demand is high the chances of profit will also be increased.After this, select the right merchant with a good reputation. Select only good and quality products relevant to the niche. To target your audience give them the quality content through blogs or site content related to the product. Create good and authentic content, and engage your readers through the content.Don’t take your followers for granted and develop a strong relationship with them. Use different sources with more followers or more trafficking to get phenomenal results. Test and measure your performance by checking the results. Most affiliate programs give you the opportunity to see your performance and to put more effort to make it better. affiliate marketer for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners? 

If you are a beginner in the field of the affiliate market you have to follow few steps for a startup. If you are ready to put in some effort and to give some time you can get success in this filed. The effort you put in helps you to sell your first product. And this first sale gives you the confidence and motivates you to keep doing the good work.

6 Stages to Follow for New Beginners

First of all, you have to decide which area you are going to target even before designing your first site. It is very important to know about the area and the audience you are going to target. Without this, you can’t even design a website.

Research Affiliate Programs

In the second stage, you have to search the affiliate programs according to the niche you have selected. Dig deeper and see which products they are offering you to sell. What is their fiscal policy? How much commission they are offering you to affiliate a product? Are they providing quality products or providing you any kind of customer support or not? It is the most important segment of the whole process.

Build a site

At this stage, basically, you put your research into action. Now building or developing a website is not a complicated process as it was in the past. For this, you have to buy a domain in less than $10 per month. You can buy this from different places like NameCheapGoDaddy and Affilorama Domain, etc. After this set up hosting. It is like a house of your website. All your website files will be placed there. It is also very affordable and easily available. It is essential because your whole affiliate market business is depending on this. Next task is to install a content management system for your website. We mostly recommend WordPress to the new beginners as it is easy to use. Now it’s time to install the theme. It is suggested to select a simple theme contrasting with your niche. You can change it later at any stage. In its final stage, your website is totally ready and now it’s the time for you to create content.

create content

Once your site is ready, it’s time for brainstorming now. You have to create excellent content related to your product; you have selected from an affiliate program. To promote your product, it is important to create unique and quality content consistently for your site. Your content should be consisting of the characteristics of the product, you can give reviews on the product, write some blogs based on the keywords research. The topic of the blog must be narrow.

Build an audience:

Your quality content will help you naturally to attract the audience towards your website. They will not only read the content but will also purchase the product. Nowadays the most common tool used by the marketers to grab the attention of the audience is social media. You can use facebooktwitterPinterest and Instagram to promote your niche or affiliate program to join

 What is the best affiliate program to join? 

While starting the work as an affiliate marketer, the most essential thing which you should keep in mind is the “performance”. To get the best performance and results for your affiliate campaigns. The first and foremost is the selection of the company or the program through which you are going to start your journey as an affiliate marketer. The few best affiliate programs are given below:founder of clickfunnelsClickFunnels is a well-known platform for all affiliate marketers. It is a magical channel of marketing that makes everything easy in a true sense. You can sell anything through this medium. If you don’t know how to create your profile it allows you to make your own page in the easiest way. Its name is on the top of the list of the affiliate business due to its work proficiency, reliability, easy accessibility, and trustworthiness. It also helps you to expand your business and to earn money.Pros of ClickFunnels:The pros of ClickFunnels are described in the following section, will give you the surety that your business will not go in the loss and you will get the benefit in the field of the affiliate marketing by using this channel.e-Commerce plateformE-Commerce platformIf you are interested to associate with an affiliate program, or you want to sell any product, ClickFunnels is the best option for you. Not only it provides you a stage to select the product but it is also a site which allows you to build a membership site for the online course you are offering, to sell subscription items, products or e-commerce sites. It is a phenomenal site for the multi-level sale pages as it has cross-sells, up-sells, down-sells, offer sells, offer bumps and offer pages which are automatically constructed with its templates of sales funnel.

Build your own landing page:

By using this platform, you can make your own landing page within the WordPress. It is not difficult at all as this medium makes this process very easy through its templates. Thus, if you don’t know anything regarding building a website that is an integral part to start your affiliate business, you can easily make it here with the assistance provided by the ClickFunnels.

Variety of products:

ClickFunnels is a platform with a huge variety of products and items. You can get anything a digital product, physical product, a health supplement, an online course on any subject, webinar, in other words almost everything of your need is available on this site.


A major characteristic or advantage of ClickFunnels is that it has everything inside which you required as an affiliate to sell your product. For example, the contacts of members, sales, shopping cart and landing pages. You are not supposed to visit different sites or search for softwares to develop these as you can do this all at one place in ClickFunnels.

Data tracking:

Data tracking is very easy in ClickFunnels as in this you are working on one system and it is managing all your sales. Your whole data is put on one dashboard to track each and everything. It even shows you, your weak points so that you can improve them.

Established business:

As ClickFunnels is already established and have a huge market, thus, it is very easy for you as an affiliate to get more clients and to have heavy traffic on your site. It helps you to enhance your business.

Guidance for the visitors:

This is a place where a visitor can get the step-by-step guidance to achieve their goal. They never get lost or confused while buying anything from the ClickFunnels. They guide a visitor throughput the sales process.AmazonAmazon is a well-known, powerful, novice-friendly and trusted organization worldwide. It is a huge brand with almost every type of good. If you are planning to start a new venture as an affiliate marketer, Amazon Associates provides you a great platform. Your basic job in this is to bring new customers and clients to Amazon site from other traffic sources. Without having a strong background in the field of affiliate marketer, you can earn a handsome amount through Amazon Associates.

Advantages of Amazon Associates:

There are quite a few advantages of amazon associates which give you a reason to choose this organization to start your affiliate venture.

A trusted and well-reputed brand:

Amazon is a huge brand and is popular worldwide. Its affiliate program besides its eCommerce business is the most well-known business options available online. Variety of products with great quality, best delivery services, made this industry trustworthy. As this industry deals with money and products it is very important that people trust you and Amazon is completely fulfilling the expectations of people and people are relying on it easily. This trust also helps you and make your job easy to sell your product, as people always like a trustworthy company to buy the items.

A huge range of products are available:

Amazon is a mage industry with having almost every type of good. It has unlimited products and you have easy access to select anything to sell as an affiliate marketer.  Amazon already has a name in the market and considered a reliable source thus, you can complete your goal (profit or money) easily through this channel.

The art of selling:

The team of Amazon is highly efficient and trained to sell their products. They know the art of selling. From the initial stage of “click the buy button” to the ‘placement of the order’, from the reviews and ratings by the customers to that specific product, every element is there to increase and boost the sales of the product.

Powerful platform:

You can’t give surety of sales on the other channels of affiliate marketer but yes, when you are selling the products of Amazon, it is confirmed that you will get the sales easily. The reason is that the audience already knows about the Amazon and is familiar and satisfied with its services. Thus, whenever you will recommend them any product, they will purchase it. It is also a fact that Amazon is such a strong platform that never keep the low quality and low demand products in their marketplace. So, you can choose any item and product and can sell it through this channel.

Extended benefits:

By becoming a member of the Amazon Associates Program as an affiliate marketer, you can easily increase the income or profit due to the rules of Amazon. It has a set of rules which are beneficial for the affiliate. You can not only get the benefit through the products you are promoting but you can also get the benefit through the items you are not promoting. All you need in this job is to send consumers or customers to the Amazon.


ClickbankWhether you have experience in the field of affiliate market or you are going to start this profession, Clickbank is a huge platform providing you the opportunity to start your work with them. It is world’s one of the best affiliate networks and renowned for its reliability and on-time payment.

Choose products according to your niche

It is a platform with a huge variety of products. Therefore, you have a number of products available on the Clickbank site related to your niche and you can easily select any of the product from that list to sell.

Easy to get in:

Clickbank allows you to enter in the field of affiliate easily and without any kind of investment of money. Even for registration on ClickBank, it doesn’t require any fee or charges.


As compared to other affiliate programs or sites, Clickbank is famous for giving high commission to the affiliates. The ratio of commission on the products you sell ranges between 10 to 70 percent.

Easy and friendly:

Clickbank is a very easy and friendly site. From the first stage of registration until the last stage of getting the payment the whole process is very easy and professional. The new affiliate marketers also can easily grasp the Clickbank’s procedure.


Commission Junction is one of the most popular affiliate markets with the experience of almost two decades. It is also known as “CJ.Com”. It has a worldwide network to deal with clients globally. Through this channel, you can easily connect with the consumers and sell your product. It is a big platform to create a relationship between the sellers and the consumers.

Large platform:

It is a huge marketing platform with a variety of products. The advertiser and publishers make sure that they are not dealing with the customers of a specific nation but they are dealing the customers worldwide.reputed affiliate market

Well-reputed affiliate market:

It is a well-reputed and trustworthy organization that’s why famous brands of the whole world are using this platform to market and advertise their products. For example, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)overstockJ.CREWoffice depotPricelineBARNES & NOBLE, etc.

Easy to use: 

As this channel provides you a thousand and millions of products or item to be advertised. It is very easy to select the goods of your interest and start to sell it as an affiliate.

How can I learn affiliate marketing for free?

If you want to learn affiliate marketing for free you don’t need to worry as there are hundreds and thousands of free articles and e-books are available to guide you.When we talk about affiliate marketing it can be started with a minor cost just to develop your website. There are a lot of videos available on YouTube to help you and guide you. But now the question is which link is reliable and authentic? The answer is Mark Ling and Simon Slade, both are affiliate millionaires, have the most authentic source online for free to help the people interesting to learn about this field. They are uploading the new data and videos continuously for the audience.The industry of affiliate marketing is changing rapidly and growing so fast. Thus, it is important to get all the updated information and the team of two millionaires named above is doing this. The basic concept of their video is to share their ideas and encourage others to follow their footsteps to become as successful as they are. It is also important to have some knowledge and information about the affiliate marketing business model and learn the basics of this.Research is the most important and iconic segment of this process. You can’t ignore the importance of research in this business. Now the question is, what and how to do research? The answer is very simple, you have to search for the affiliate programs and products they are offering. Their policies and terms and conditions. It will help you in doing prior planning.Making a website and creating quality content is the best thing in this business. Thus, you can take online lessons from the right people with solid knowledge.

Is affiliate marketing really profitable?

The short answer to the question that affiliate marketing is profitable, is “yes”. It is an ideal and unique home-based business and needs very limited or you can say less money i.e. 20$ to 60$ to start this. In this you are not supposed to buy the products, you are not responsible to deliver the product or to provide any service. At the initial stage, as an affiliate marketer, you are paid for promoting the product and referring new customers to other businesses or products.Affiliate marketing is not a hard job as compared to other 9 to 5 jobs but to make money it needs proper planning, knowledge, information, and consistent effort to bring the traffic on your site. To get the proper profit from this venture, it is important to learn about this before starting this work. Learn about the steps which are required to get success. You must select the quality and renowned services and products. On a safer side, you can buy that product first to test its quality. It is a fact that you will be judged by the quality so it is very important for you to not compromise on quality over income or profit. Search different affiliate programs so you can better understand the financial issues and policies and can choose the best one.It is also an essential thing to start writing a blog. This platform gives you the opportunity to promote a different kind of affiliate items. Select those items for sale as an affiliate marketer which are related to the content of your blog or the home business website. It is also an important point to not only rely on social media or SEO to attract the audience towards your blog or website. You have to observe your target audience and must affiliate those products they are interested in, these products must not be of low quality. There are various low-cost products and other free ways to enhance your affiliate business.To get more profit, you can also start doing email marketing. Most affiliate marketers who are successful, use email as the marketing tool as it can increase your affiliate income significantly. If you are a part of many affiliate programs, then you have to monitor the success of all your affiliate programs. It is a significant element to analyze as if you are working for different affiliate programs, it may be distracting you and having an impact on your performance. Check whether you are handling all this well or not?This venture also needs time and consistent effort. It will not give you the profit overnight without doing anything. With your hard work the chances of your success and to get the profit are very high.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon?

The Amazon affiliate program also known as Amazon Associates is a platform for the affiliate marketers.  To become an affiliate marketer on Amazon, you have to follow very easy steps.

Create a blog or website:

You must have an app, blog, active website or YouTube channel, to become a member of the Amazon Associate.

Visit the homepage of Amazon Associates:

Next step is to create your account on the Amazon Associates account. For the account go to the home page of Amazon Associates and click on the button of “Join Now for Free”. If you have already an Amazon account, you will log in to the existing one otherwise, will create a new account.

Account information:

After that you have to add your personal information in the form appeared on your window. This information includes your name, postal address, and phone number.

Website address:

In the next stage, you have to add the address of your websites, YouTube channels, and apps.

Preferred store ID:

You have to enter the preferred store ID. Normally it is same as the name of your primary website. You also have to tell about your website, what its purpose and your goals to achieve through this. You also have to add the category of your website whether it’s about books, gaming, medical, local information, etc.DRIVE TRAFFIC OR AUDIENCE TO YOUR SITE

Get Traffic To Your Website Free

In the next stage, you have to describe the techniques, you used to drive the traffic on your site. Whether, you used blogs, SEO, Email, shopping portal, etc. You also have to tell how you utilize your app or website to generate income, how many visitors visit your website monthly and how you mostly build the links. You also have to add the reason behind joining the Amazon Associate program and what you have heard about this association.

Enter your phone number:

In this stage, you have to add your number and then click on the button of “Call Me Now”. After that, you will get the call from Amazon immediately. They will ask you to add a four-digit code, after that your account will be approved.

Selection of payment method:

In this section you have to select the way of payment whether it will be through credit card and you have to add the tax ID information, which is optional, you can fill this later. After completing this you can start your proceedings from the dashboard.

Amazon affiliate links:

After creating your account, you will be sent directly to your personal Amazon affiliate associate homepage. Here you will find the dashboard of your performance which will show you the overview of your earnings, total clicks, total ordered items, monthly summary, etc. To extend your contacts you can also search for the relevant products.

How to create an Amazon Affiliate link

To create an Amazon Affiliate link, you have two options when you will click the “Quick links”. One will be “Search for Product” and second will be “Browse for Product”. The first option gives you the opportunity to search for a specific product keyword. While the second option gives you the opportunity to find products through categories i.e. books or video.When you will find a relevant or desired product, you have to click the button of “Get Link”. After that, you have to customize your link by selecting an add with image and text, image only, text only or widget. According to the type of link, customize and select the color of the background, image size, and title color.  Before adding the link to your site preview it. Copy and paste the HTML on your site.

Approval of the account:

At the initial stage, for 180 days, your account will be approved. During this tenure, at least, you have to make a single sale, otherwise, your account will be blocked or closed. After it’s closer, you have the opportunity to reapply for the Amazon Associate Program after making specific adjustments to your site.

How can I earn money from Clickbank?

Clickbank has become one of the most popular means or platform of alternate career, pursuing from home.  It’s been now around 20 years of its working and it became a huge digital marketplace with a variety of products in thousands of numbers. Clickbank is an affiliate network which serves as a market place for both marketers and owners of the products and this characteristic make it different from other traditional platforms of affiliate marketing.

How Clickbank works?

If you have the product and want to post it, then you have to create your own item and set it up using the system of Clickbank. After this step, they will list your product or item in the list of their marketplace. It will give access to a huge number of affiliates to see and select your product if they are interested in. they track it with using unique links of tracking and cookies, to know the exact facts and figures about the sale, from where it came from and then accordingly credit the referring account.

Register yourself:

If you are an affiliate, the first step you have to take is to create an account on Clickbank.  After creating the account, you have to choose a product, you are interested in to promote.

Explore the market place of Clickbank:

You need to explore the marketplace of the Clickbank to select the products you are interested in to promote. When you will reset your filter, it will show you the lists of the products of those search options you are interested in.

Choosing the product:

Choosing the product is the easiest task, as you just have to click on the button in green color, next to the name of the product. When you will click on the “promote” button a pop-up window will be open with your Clickbank account and code of affiliate. This is a link between 3 of you, the product, you and the Clickbank. Now you will promote this specific code to gain the targeted commission. This code is very important as every time when anyone will buy a product or item by using this code, your chances to get your first 100$ will be increased.

Choosing a platform:

To promote your product code, you can use a platform to form a wide range of promotion plans. For example, blogs, articles or columns, webpages, travelogue, social network sites, and guest articles. The basic reason behind this is to attract more and more visitors to your site.

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