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How To Rank Page 1 Of Google For Thousands Of Keywords With Just A Few Clicks

If you are looking for a new way to make money online, local marketing might be a great choice. Local businesses have been neglecting marketing, especially internet marketing for quite a while. Many of them do not have a website of their own or have a website that no one else ever visits. This is a money-making opportunity for anyone who oversees this chance. You can create a website, get it a high ranking then sell it to people who need it out there. Serplify is a software that makes those tasks look easier than ever. Check our my Serplify review for more details.

What is Serplify?

Serplify is an automation solution in website building and arranging. Once you provide it with a keyword and niche you want to enter, it will give you a silo structured website. Serplify has SEO tools to get your site ranked high in Google search result pages. You can utilize Serplify’s geolocation feature to localize the site. This turns your site into a local website which you can use for your business or rent it to other local businesses and earn monthly rental.

What are The Great Features of Serplify?Serplify Review

Arrange the site in a silo structure

Many people do not know that website structure is an important criterion Google uses to rank sites in its search result pages. It prioritizes pages with clear structure because such pages are easier to read. A silo structure is what Google looks for in a good website. Serplify will arrange your site elements in a silo structure within few clicks. You site one step closer to getting its high ranking.

Optimize the site and push it to the first pages of Google search results

Serplify provides a built-in content creator with SEO ready features. You only need to enter the input information, the app will generate various unique contents, with long-tail keywords, and specific location. Serplify will post on your site by different user accounts to ensure the diversity of the website. These are all important factors that Google put into account when ranking sites. Optimize a website content has never been an easy task. It takes time and hard work to work. But with Serplify, you only need to provide input information. It saves a lot of time and work.

Localize the site

This is what makes Serplify a one of a kind app. A site and posts with the specific location is great for a local business to attract customers in a local. You can set your geolocation with Serplify to let the search engine and clients know you are the best in a particular area. Serplify also enables you to add location information to all the posts with a few clicks. It is preloaded with US and UK cities with a promise to extend later.

How Does It Work?

In this part of my Serplify review, you will get an overview of how Serplify works in some easy steps:

Step 1: Log in and download Serplify WP plugin

You will find the link to download Serplify WP plugin which connect your site and the app.

Step 2: Install the plugin

Install the plugin you have just downloaded and install it to your WordPress site.

Step 3: Add your sites to the app

Add your site to Serplify site list.

Step 4: Create new projects and new contents

Create new projects for your site by entering keywords and niche. Use the content creating tool to generate new contents for the site.

Step 5: Use the site to promote your business or rent it out

Now you site ready to use, or you can rent it out to other businesses.

Prices and How to Buy it?

The front-end version of Serplify is available at $47 in the first two days. The next days, the price will increase to $57 and $127.

If you are reading my Serplify review, you can have three more upgrade options and multiple bonuses.

Serplify Academy: $67 – $97

This upgrade includes an A-Z training on a building, ranking, and making money off local SEO sites in 6 webinars and live Q&A sessions.

Serplify Deluxe: $67/6 months or $47/month

This upgrade provides you with additional features to create unlimited sites without any restrictions and so on.

Serplify Commercial license: $197

With this upgrade, you can make money by selling 20 license keys and created sites.

Valuable Bonuses

  • 18 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080
  • YouTube Marketing Made Easy Video Course
  • Need For SPEED Writing Course
  • SEO Catalyst Special
  • 2,750 ‘Done For You’ Niche Keywords Data Pack
  • Social Accounts 101

Why Should You Buy It?

I will only list down benefits of Serplify here for you to consider:

  • Web-based app, no installation required.
  • Automation solution.
  • Easy to use, even for a newbie.
  • Features to bill, display, track and collect payment within the app
  • SEO optimization features.


Serplify is a unique solution for local marketing. You can use it to benefit your business or to help other local businesses and make money. If you are tired of old ways to make money online, Serplify can help you enter local marketing consultation comfortable. I hope my Serplify review is useful for you. Thank you for reading.

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