Influencer Marketing Academy Review 2017 | Demo By Dan Dasilva

This post is about Dan Dasilva’s Influencer Marketing Academy Review and Bonus. Take a look below for more details
Product Creator : Dan Dasilva

Price : $1297 (or) 3 x $497

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Final Verdict : 100% Recommended

My Unbiased Influencer Marketing Academy Review

I have compiled the Influencer Marketing Academy Review to analyze a unique online coaching program that claims to help you generate a six figure passive income without requiring you to be a marketing guru. This online money generation system has been developed by the world famous Influencer Marketing Academy that has been known to deliver results in the past.

Even before I begin with my review, it is important to understand the meaning of the term ‘influence marketing’.  Simply put, influence marketing is a marketing strategy that is implemented to first recognize and then target only those individuals that have the uncanny knack to influence potential buyers.

In order to assess the true potential of this product, I enrolled with the Influencer Marketing Academy and attended each and every training session. I paid complete attention to what was being taught in each module and implemented the strategies in real life scenarios. It has been four months since I began with this coaching program and the results have been fantastic.

Here are the results of my coaching session :

  • In the very first month of training, I managed to generate $1560.
  • In the second month, I made $5600.
  • In the third month, I generated $9700 and,
  • In the fourth month, I managed to earn a whooping $19739.

Points Covered in the Influencer Marketing Academy Review

1) Brief introduction on the Influencer Marketing Academy
2) The Four Part Intensive Core Training Module
3) The Three Enrollment Packages
4) The Free Bonus Offer worth $2997
5) The Pros and Cons of this program
6) My Final verdict

1) What is Influencer Marketing Academy?

As mentioned above, it is a world renowned online coaching system that has successfully helped students like me to generate over $500,000 in passive income in the past 5 months. This system is 7 months old and it has been tried and tested to perfection by its creator, Dan Dasilva. Dan has spent over $80,000 from his own pocket to make this system free from any flaws or bugs.

In order to start generating money, you need to go through each of its four modules diligently and implement its ‘4-step’ success formula. Dan claims that you have the potential to earn anywhere in between $500 to $3000 a day, by working just 5 hours per week.

2) The Four Part Intensive Core Training Module

Module # 1 – The Basic Overview of Influence Marketing

In this module, I was taught how to identify key influencers that would ultimately help me generate a 6 figure income. I was also taught the correct way to utilize the influence of such individuals in my favor. While this was an introductory model, it taught me three unique tricks to make money.

These were:

a) The correct way to set up an auto-pilot system that could help me generate a mind-blowing sum of $500 daily.

b) The technique to invest just $40 and generate an income of $400. In my case, it happened overnight.

c) All tricks and techniques to identify only those infleuncers that would help me make more money. It was like, someone was holding my hand and walking me through the basics (although in reality, I was all alone in my room with just my computer for company).

Module # 2 – The Trick to Dominate Your Influencers

In the second module, I understood how to make my presence felt in social media. By just putting in a few hours of effort, I was able to convince hundreds of thousands of potential influencers to work for me. This module taught me these 3 vital tricks:

a) I learned how to influence my clients to send me emails with requests to sell them my products.

b) The # 1 technique to grow my business organically in a record time span.

c) The technique to create an ad copy that converts like hot cakes.

Module # 3 – The Strategy to Directly Approach Influencers

In the third module, I was taught to segregate only those influencers that had the potential to generate high number of leads for me from those that were not performing well enough. The 4 vital lessons I learnt in this module are:

  • The killer technique to attract inlfluencers and make them notice you.
  • How to convince any inflencer to get back to you with a price list within 15 minutes of you sending him an email.
  • The # 1 trick to choose keywords that lead to high volume sales but cost just a few pennies.
  • How to expand your business by branching out from Instagram to other lucrative platforms.

Module # 4 – Achieving Direct Influencer Connectivity

The last and final module taught my how to get in direct touch with the world’s leading influencers and compel them to reply to your queries. I was taught methods that would enable me to reach as many as 10 millions prospective clients via a single email message. These are the 4 things that I learnt in my final coaching lesson:

  • The # 1 trick to ensure that your ad copy compels 90% of visitors to become prospective clients.
  • A lesser know technique to tap as many as 5 million customers by spending just $1000.
  • Secret places to tap influencers by spending just a few pennies.
  • I read a case study of a student who made 10,000 fans in a matter of a few weeks. I used his technique and managed to create 2000 fans in just 3 weeks.

3) The Two Enrollment Packages

Package Number One – In the very first package, you need to pay a one time fee to get instant access to all the features. The amount to be paid to gain instant access is $1297.

Package Number Two – The second package deal gives you instant access to the entire course with the only difference being that you get to split your payments 3 times. So, you pay $497 initially and the remaining $497 at second and third month respectively.

4) The Free Bonus Offer worth $2997

As a bonus offer, I got a free monthly pass to attend the ‘4 Week IMA Bootcamp’. This bootcamp was an eye-opener for me. I realized how easy it is to make money online. You just need to know the trick to generate online income. Had I attended this training session on my own, I would have had to pay $2997. Here is a list of the top 6 lessons I learnt from this training session:

  • The # 1 trick to locate infleuncers that would willingly work for you.
  • The secret technique to grow your investment 10 folds.
  • An unbeaten method to scale up your business without putting in any extra effort.
  • An autopilot system that is capable of generating a 7 figure income, if set correctly.
  • Vital tips from internet marketing gurus that presided over the workshop.

5) The Pros and Cons of this Program

Like any other product or service, this one too has its shares of advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros:

  • I like the personal touch added by Dan Dasilva and Anthony Mastellone, the two coaches. If I had any problem, I could simply get in touch with them in a jiffy.
  • This system never beats around the bush. There is no time wasted in explaining boring theories. It takes you straight to the point. In fact, I started making money from the very first day.
  • I was absolutely new to this method, yet I managed to set it up without facing even a single issue. Everything has been explained by Dan in a simple way.
  • This money generating method is not restricted to people residing in the United States. Even if you stay in Malaysia, you can use this method. It is a global system.
  • The entire model is top secret and not many people are aware of its existence.
  • I particularly liked the ‘one time fee’ concept. I have tried several other money making programs in the past and had to pay for several up-sells in order to get to the core of the program. At Inflencer Marketing Academy, there is no such thing as an up-sell.
  • This system is not niche specific. I can target any business of my choice and start making money from day one.
  • Had I put in more effort, I would have made $10,000 in the very first month and then headed out to Hawaii for a much needed vacation.

The Cons:

  • This is a unique system. In fact, this model has never been publicly revealed. Many individuals may not be able to relate to it in the beginning. They may shy away and opt for other mundane money making schemes that have been aimlessly circulating in the market.
  • The price of this program is high ($1297).
  • This is no magic trick. You need to work hard with the correct mindset in order to make money.
  • I personally believe that prior knowledge on social marketing strategies would be helpful in comprehending this course in its complete entirety.

My Final Verdict on Influencer Marketing Academy Review

In my opinion, if you follow this method just the way it has been taught, resolve all your queries on time, break down the entire program into small baby steps and analyze the logic behind this method in a scientific way, there is no way you can go wrong. You would definitely end up making money like I did.

You simply need to be patient, be willing to spend some money in the form of initial investment and pay attention to understand the entire concept.